Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tips to help your child cope with moving anxiety

 The last thing you want to hear while going through the tedious work of moving is your kid wailing- I don’t want to go!”. These times may make you clueless about how to respond to your kids. 


Moving is a confusing and discomforting time for every family member but it has a major impact on the kids and your furry animals. The lack of continuation can make them uneasy. Here are a few tips on how you can ease the process of moving for little ones. 



1. Making things Familiar for your Kids


So let’s tell you the best part of dealing with kids- you can shape their perception by regularly speaking about the new place in a positive way. Kids can forget about the previous cookie that has broken in the milk cup before consumption as soon as you replace it with something better, maybe a chocolate cookie. Though moving is not as simple as a chocolate cookie but it tells a lot about the psychology of kids. You can start by telling them about how lovely their bedroom can be, how they can arrange it in a new way, your birthday gift can be a bicycle that you can ride on the new house road. If you run out of ideas, go and visit a nearby library and check out the tip to get familiar with the ways to break down the ice. 



2. Don’t pack their stuff in a hurry


Don’t even step into your kid's room first. People usually perform this step first, which is a big mistake. You should try to keep things normal for them for as long as possible. They can make them feel baffled before you even start moving. It’s better to make transients as smoothly as possible for them. 





3. Pay a visit to your new neighborhood


If you can manage to take out time from your busy moving schedule then take your kid to the new location to explore the place before moving. Not just show the new house but also explore parks for them to create interest in them. Do take them for a walk on the street so they can be familiar with the new environment in advance rather than just shifting directly to the new location.



4. Book a Child Care in Advance


So nobody wants to see their favorite things getting packed, especially for kids. This experience can be very traumatic for them. So it’s always recommended to book child care for the day of your move. If not, then look for some alternative, maybe ask your relative or friends to look after the kid for the day. This will serve you two purposes. Firstly, the kids don’t have to go through the confusing experience of seeing their old home getting picked apart and secondly you can manage things in a better way rather than worrying about your young ones. So if you are planning to go with a removalist, this will help you keep track of the tasks. 



5. Unpack your kid’s belongings first


Even if we asked you to pack your kid's belongings in the end, they should be the ones for whom you need to set the room first. The old ones at home can manage with a new bed and with a spare towel but for kids, you need to remember to set up the room as fully as possible. If you don’t have the time to pack their entire room, you should take out time to at least put their favorite blanket and toys in the room. You should also take out time to read bedtime stories for them. Even though it would be quite evident for the kids that the house is new but familiarity will help them in adjusting to the new environment. 


6. Say no to other Changes


Be it a small or bigger, but don’t think of adding a new change to your move like a new table or bed for the kid. Remember, your focus should be to keep familiar things close to the young ones rather than otherwise. Introducing new things can make the transition period even worse for the kids. Not just that, keeping these old things in your new home will create a sense of belongingness in your kids. 



7. A “House Warming gift” will help you go a long way


And what can be a better thing than giving your kid a new present at the new place? This will keep them engaged with the new thing, maybe a piece of new furniture, toys, or a bicycle to ride. This way they will adjust to the new surrounding without even releasing the changes. 




8. Maintain our calm at bedtime

And do you know what is the hardest time for a kid? The first night at the new place. You have to hold your exhaustion and interact with your kids as much as possible- maybe give them some extra cookies than usual and cuddle. 




9. Make Moving a Happy Affair


Of Course, the adjectives associated with moving are the opposite of happy, there are chances that you are not moving because of a happy reason. But don’t let your little one know about anything negative associated with it. Failing to do that can create a sense of unhappiness and a sense of resistance toward the new place. 



10. Hire a Removalist


Yes, this will help you put half of your problems to rest. They can perform the time-consuming moving task when you can make your kid adjust to the surroundings. If you are pretty sure that you can handle the move with kids then you may go ahead but with a long-distance or interstate move, we recommend you hire an interstate removalists rather than taking the moving burden. 



We would like to assume that reading these tips may have given you an idea that even though moving with kids is not that easy, it can still be done with appropriate measures. Certainly, there will come a time when you may find it difficult to hold but stay assured that you will better handle the situation with these tips. And eventually, with no time your young ones will adapt to the new surroundings happily. 


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