BluGlacier's Refreshing Summer Strawberry Salmon Dish to Cook at Home this Season

Summer has officially kicked off and given the stress of the pandemic and gyms closed for months, it's been challenging for some to stay in shape and eat healthy. With that said we have a delicious, guilt-free dish perfect to prep at home this season in the comfort of your own home! Chef Dana Manz’s Strawberry Chutney Salmon is light, sweet, and refreshing. Featuring orange juice, balsamic glaze, strawberries, and shallots, create this nutritious dish in less than an hour with ingredients you likely have in your own pantry.

Try this recipe using BluGlacier's premier fresh fish. Happy to arrange an interview or cooking demo with a BluGlacier exec or Chef Manz.  In the meantime, check out Manz’s step-by-step instructions HERE!

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