Tuesday 8 September 2020

Here Is A Secret Hack To Keep Your Evaporative Coolers Cool And Running During Hot Summer

Evaporative coolers are also known as swamp coolers or desert coolers as they are ideal for working in hot and humid conditions. But due to excessive use especially in the hot and prolonged summers, the coolers can show up some problems which need immediate coolbreeze evaporative cooling service otherwise they may either stop working or you will have to spend a hefty amount on their repairs.

There are things that you should know to minimize your repairing cost and analyze the problem in your cooler.

Check The Circuit Breaker And Wirings In Case The Air Cooler Does Not Start

This can happen when you start the air cooler after a long time, or it is being used extensively especially during the summer is at its peak.  When the air cooler simply does not start even after turning it on, the first thing that you should have doubts about is the wirings and the circuit breaker as these are the common issues from where the problem crops up.

If you have good knowledge about repairing electronic device repairing this is not something you have to spend too much on and hire a professional. If the circuit breaker or the fuse has blown up all you need to do is replace it with a new one. And if that is not the case then it might be time for you to check out on your coolbreeze evaporative cooling service experience.

The Strange Odor Emanating From The Unit Is An Indication Of Water Stagnation

Due to excessive use over the years sometimes you may find that there is a bad odor coming out from the cooler as soon as it is turned on. do not delay and procrastinate on this problem as this can lead to severe damages in your cooler. But once you have detected the problem then it is time for coolbreeze evaporative cooling service.

Now, this problem is an indication that the water is stagnating inside the cooler. And due to this water being trapped for a few days inside the cooling device it is emanating a foul smell. So, all you have to do is clean the check whether water is getting stagnated or not. Make sure that the pads are dry completely and the water is being changed regularly.

Water Leaking Out Means That The Water Inside Did Not Drain Out Properly

Water leakage from the front of the coolers is a very common type of problem that most of us might have encountered. This problem can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Either this is indicating a storage problem or that you did not store the cooler properly in a safe way during the seasons when it was not required.

It might also indicate that the water did not evacuate at the time you turned off the cooler. This problem does not need you to look for a coolbreeze evaporative cooling service team straightaway. Instead what you can do is check for signs of internal leakage if any or even try to dry out the pads inside the cooler. If the problem continues then you should hire an evaporative cooler repairing agency.

Low Airflow From The Front

The lower airflow identifies one problem only in most of the cases. And that is the exhaust pipes have been blocked. The blockage can be due to dust, smog, etc. But make sure to clean the blockage and this will be the best for coolbreeze evaporative cooling service.


With these few tips and your alertness, you can save a lot on the repairs of your cooler but that does not mean that your cooler should not get professional maintenance at least once a year.

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