Friday 11 September 2020

What Should You Know About CBD Cream


Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you want to break away from classic and traditional antibiotics and anti-depressants? The same symptoms keep recurring, no matter how many doses you take. Sometimes the same drugs cause side effects that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.


It is a sign that you need to look for a medicine that is natural and organic. But sometimes, it seems like nothing works, and you don't know who to turn to for advice. There are too many types of natural remedies, but which one really works?


The medicine you are looking for is CBD. This can be confirmed by its growing popularity in the last year. Click on the following link to learn more about CBD products


But what is CBD?


CBD or Cannabidiol is the second part of the marijuana ingredients. This doesn’t mean that CBD products come from marijuana plants. On the contrary, although Cannabidiol plays a significant role in medical marijuana, it comes from the hemp plant. 


The hemp plant is a cousin to the marijuana plant. Today, the medical community members are testing CBD's therapeutic properties and have gained invaluable knowledge about it. It turns out that this plant has very good benefits for our health.


These researches are relatively new due to the recent expansion of marijuana legalization. Because all the studies have come out with positive results and feedback, the perfecting of this medicine is a priority in most countries in the world.


But what are the effects of CBD? 


Throughout the years, many medical teams have found out a lot of beneficial things about Cannabidiol. From pain relief and depression treatment to killing cancer cells. Yes, that’s right.


Different receptors in our brain react differently to CBD and THC. They both have good therapeutic attributes, but THC can cause you to feel "high" or "stoned." On the other hand, the CBD can act as a neutralizer to this kind of psychoactive effects. Read more here.


Does it work?


"Endogenous cannabinoids" are parts of the "endocannabinoid system." There compounds in our body and are called like that because they have very similar characteristics to the cannabis plant. That's why THC and Cannabidiol interact with these compounds, thus leaving an effect on our bodies. 


This has been a huge revelation in medicine because we can better understand the occurrence of disease. It is unnecessary to say who much information we can gather about our health by just finding out about the endocannabinoid system.


Because of the interaction between the ESC system and THC and Cannabinol, we can treat and stop a disease in some cases.


Treating epilepsy 


There has been a lot of attention to this plant's effect on patients who suffer from epilepsy. Disorders like Drave syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut cause severe seizures. Luckily, CBD effects were positive, and it reduced the number of seizures occurring or, in some cases, stopped them all the way. 


Epidiolex was recognized as medicine in 2019 by the U.S. FDA. The hope is that with the development and demand of this medicine, the price can drop to be affordable.


Fighting insomnia, depression and anxiety


These three disorders are, in many cases, linked together. The anxiety and depression can cause insomnia, and insomnia can lead to other threats to health. Medication that is given to patients to treat depression can cause side-effects like nausea and drowsiness. This kind of side-effect sometimes forces the patient to leave or postpone their treatment.


In many cases, patients report that nothing suits them better than CBD. It comes as a sleeping aid but also helps them reduce their social anxiety. Plus, it increases confidence in stressful situations, and it has zero chances of developing an addiction.


This is a significant benefit because many of the patents who use anti-depressants and similar medicines become addicted afterward.


Aside from that, Cannabidiol has shown a positive result in treating and controlling breast cancer. It has shown that a patient who takes CBD as medicine has significantly slowed down the process of developing cancer cells. In some cases, it was even noticed the death of the cancer cells.




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