Saturday 17 October 2020

Ecopoxy Resin Creations Review

Resin is a huge deal right now. People are creating resin tables, lamps, stools, ornaments, jewelry and so much more! There is a trick to some resins and many folks have learned from trial and error but with Ecopoxy Flow Cast you can create beautiful pieces without any difficulty. 

This was my first time using resin and it was so easy! I make tons of cool products in my cement and candle business called What The Funk Up but I decided to test a new medium and this was a winner! 

I created skull candle holders, decor pieces, magnets, ornaments and so many other cool projects using simple silicone molds, Ecopoxy Flow Cast and some metallic pigments! The simple 2:1 ratio is easy to mix and comes out crystal clear, with no bubbles, and dries quickly enough that you can move onto your next project! 

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