Friday 16 October 2020

Diamond Dotz, The Latest In Arts And Crafts!

Diamond Dotz is an easy, relaxing, fun new craft that has grown quickly in popularity. Create beautiful 3D designs quickly by sticking “diamond” like dots on their matching square. It’s a great activity for kids as well as adults. Perfect for hanging in your home or giving as a gift.

My daughter enjoyed designing her adorable bee for craft time! It is so easy to do and great for hand eye coordination. These quiet crafts are going to be a huge hit for parents during the long cold winter months! They make amazing gifts for kids of all ages. 

With a number of great designs to choose from there is no limit to how many adorable diamond dots pictures you can create and keep or give away as cute crafts for grandparents this Christmas! Diamond Dotz come in a variety of different difficulties for grown ups to enjoy as well! 

Save your sanity this winter and create some art with Diamond Dotz! 

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