Thursday 15 October 2020

Find Fun Art Classes for Kids to Draw & Paint Online During Covid

The pandemic has brought many changes worldwide, and some adjustments are needed to make children's lives a little bit easier. In other parts of a country, the kids go to school armed with face shields, surgical masks, and hand sanitizers. Others are in the kitchen facing their laptops and logging to Zoom for online learning.

For the time being, it's natural for kids to be bored as they can't do some of their extracurricular activities on the weekends. They can't play with their friends, and they are stuck at home watching television. Fortunately, there are a lot of activities that can make the kids productive, and these include getting into art classes.

It's true that an online class is not a replacement for learning art in person. However, learning things on the internet is still a great way to keep your children busy and awaken their creative side again. There are set activities on The Art & Design Factory that give children helpful tips to learn how to draw and paint. Others are into pottery and sculpting, but the kind of class that you enroll in will depend on your kid's abilities and interests.

On the internet, various activities are being offered, and they are suitable for almost every age. From simple arts and crafts, watercolor paintings, portraits, video drawings, and other creative classes, here are other classes that you can consider for your little ones.

What to Look For in Art Classes

Easy Doodles and Animal Drawings

Those programs offer free online art classes that can range from doodling for hours or one 15-minute course to learn how to draw a giraffe. Others will teach your children how to draw their pet dogs and cats using different materials. You can read more about the importance of art and creativity to children on this site here.

For these lessons, the requirements and materials needed for the job can be found in the first part of the video. You can order different watercolor sets and acrylics online, and be sure to stock up on art supplies so that your kids can follow what they are watching on the computer.

Doodles at Lunchtimes

There are artists from the Cartoon Network that hosts live classes at 1 PM Eastern Time for many people. Most of these cartoon creators invite kids to doodle along with them and join in the fun. Even adults get entertained with the fun activities that mostly focus on creative drawings and open-ended paintings. If the kids don't want to sleep in the afternoons, then their post-lunch brain break can benefit from mastering these kinds of classes' principles.

Nature Drawings

Nature is always an excellent subject for paintings and sketches. There are up to a thousand videos and lessons that they can enjoy on many websites today for many kids. They can look for trees, flowers, and animals that can be a fun subject for them to draw. Sections of fruits, leaves, trees, reptiles, and shells are also fantastic to look at once they are finished. Look for classes that have sunrises, waterfalls, hiking trails, aviaries, and botanical gardens as subjects, and you'll awaken your children's love for nature.

Printable Crafts 

Nowadays, there are plenty of free websites that were run by veteran teachers and volunteers. The classes may include printable crafts so that younger kids can have a headstart in their art journey. You can ger more printable crafts here: can put together some animal masks or DIY headbands for the girls. 

The tutorials, painting classes, and drawing courses are even enhanced when the materials that the kids see on the screen are the same as what's printed on paper. You can check these kinds of lessons online and get new ideas for your kids that you can try at home.

A Final Word

There are so many online arts and crafts lessons that you can get for your kids at this time of the pandemic. Instead of letting them watch television the whole day long, they can instead create paintings and drawings that you can display in your living room. The children can learn something new, and they are using their spare time to create something colorful. You can also awaken their love for art, and they can appreciate the beauty of the world when they are exposed to creative programs.

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