Thursday 26 November 2020

New Tech Locks And Systems That Can Amplify Your Security

 We are living in a very technological world surrounded by phones, computers, and a whole new level of criminals. These days criminals are not deterred by a simple locked door, they will get in and it seems to be getting easier and easier to get past old school locks and bolts. Home invasions are getting quite common these days and usually, the burglars walk right in without a care in the world, there are ways to amp up your security and keep your castle safe and secure. 

Getting locks put in place that requires a key code and uses a deadbolt is a great way to step up security in your home. You may want to get into the habit of locking the door behind you when you are home just to ensure nobody else enters without permission. If you live in an area that has a high crime rate you never know what to expect from the criminal mind, simply being home isn't enough of a deterrent anymore. There are locks that are programmable via Bluetooth and can be controlled by your cell phone. Worried about kids losing keys or having them lost and cut by criminals? These are the perfect door locks for you, a visit from your local locksmith will ensure everything is setup right and ready to go.  

Security cameras are always a great investment for homeowners. They may not always deter the criminals from coming around and trying to steal things but at least you have footage of the thieves to try and catch them. Cameras are also great to have to provide proof of certain incidents when required in an insurance situation. There are cameras that range from ultra high quality for premium pricing and simple doorbell cameras that only cost a few dollars a month. All of these can be installed for you to save you a headache.

If you have a large property it may be a good idea to ensure your fences are secure as well, the higher they are the harder they are to get into. Barbed wire at the top is another great deterrent. If you have a gate at the front of your property a locksmith can advise you on the safest lock for your needs.  

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