Thursday 26 November 2020

Signs Your Fridge May Need Repairing Or Replacement

 Have you ever opened your fridge, poured yourself a glass of milk only to find it warm? Yuck! That is definitely a sure sign your fridge is having some issues. Believe it or not, it may not need to be replaced completely, there are tons of issues that can be repaired saving you a ton of cash. There are a few different things to watch for if you have a strange feeling your fridge is on its last legs.

Funny sounds. Fridges that are nearing their death or need repair start to make some really strange sounds, some make clicking, whirring, whining, and knocking sounds when they are having issues. This can be a number of different issues and if you notice your fridge making these sounds that they have never made before it may be time to call in the fridge repair people. 

Water Pooling. If you find water pooling in the bottom of your fridge it could be something as simple as a blockage in the drain pan. This is fixable by finding the drain pan in your fridge and checking the route of the water and condensation flow. If you can't seem to find the issue yourself it may be time to call in for some help. 

Warm temps. Your fridge has probably been set at the same temperature for years. If you suddenly notice the fridge is warm try turning the dial slightly to make it a little cooler. Sometimes a family member could be messing with your settings without even noticing it, especially if you have kids. If your temperature is still warm inside you should probably call the pros to take a look to ensure you don't get sick from improper food storage. 

Obviously, if your fridge stops working completely and it is very old it may be time to replace it altogether. These helpful clues may keep you from making an impulsive purchase keep the cash in your hand when you need it most.

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