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Preparing a small nursery for twins

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Seeing those two lines on the test is the start of something new and indeed exciting. However, hearing the two heartbeats for the first time is a whole other level of excitement. From the utmost happiness to the question 'Can we do this?' And the answer is, of course, you can. Having twins is a unique style of parenting and making things work, but it's manageable. One way you can make things easier from their first day is by having a cute yet convenient nursery that will be a true baby oasis. Since you'll spend most of the time in the early months with new babies, the nursery needs to be practical and fit all the necessary items. However, sometimes we don't have such a spacious room for it. No worries, we've got some tips on preparing a small nursery for twins – how to make this room the cutest one in the house but be efficient with the limited space? Answers are in the article below.

Start planning on time

To make sure you use the most out of your space, you'll need proper planning. That takes time, so be sure to start making plans in advance. Doing everything in the third trimester can be very tiring and stressful. That's why it's best to do the work on time, especially if you need to paint the walls, change the floors, etc. This way, you'll be able to gather all the necessary items, hear more advice, and maybe learn from experienced parents. 

Keep it simple

It's hard to avoid that feeling that you need to buy absolutely everything for your new babies. However, the truth is a bit more different. Even though there is an endless number of baby equipment on the market, you don't need it all. When preparing a small nursery for twins, the limited space will teach you that you need to keep it simple and purchase only the essentials. Apart from reading our tips, we recommend talking to your friends who already had babies and asking them about the items they bought but rarely used. This will help you learn from their mistakes and not waste money and space. 

Bonus tip: To keep things simple in your home, you'll probably need to put certain items away to make room for the babies' furniture and toys. If you don't want to say goodbye to these items, it's best to get a safe storage unit and save space in your home. However, be sure to get everything ready for your new unit properly, so the items are safely stored and don't get damaged over time. 

Certain items will need to be in pair, but you can save a lot of money and space if you don't buy two of everything.

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Do you need two of every item?

As we mentioned before, you need to keep it simple and efficient when arranging a small nursery for twins. This means you don't need two of each item in the nursery, including clothes and cosmetics. Make a plan for shopping for these items and think about whether your babies will use them at the same time. However, the one thing you need to buy two of is the crib. Be sure to choose more compact versions, such as mini cribs, to be able to fit them into the small nursery. To save some money when furnishing the nursery, try finding cribs that can convert into beds for toddlers. This way, you won't have to buy beds once your babies outgrow the cribs. Even though they take up more space, they are a better solution in the long run. When it comes to changing tables and dressers, you don't need doubles – another way to save some space.

Get help with heavy furniture pieces 

Moving in the two new family members is not always easy. To bring in the heavy furniture and stay safe from lifting injuries, getting help from Big Man's Moving Company is the best solution possible. This will ensure you have all the items protected during transport and unloading, as well as placing them safely into the nursery. Even though they can't assist you after the babies arrive, you can get much-needed help with the moving in process with just a few clicks.

How to place the cribs correctly? 

One of the puzzles new parents deal with is how they should place the cribs for the new babies. Even though they were together in the mother's belly, they'll sleep in separate cribs after they are born. When it comes to the layout, it's best to separate cribs – keep them next to opposite walls, if possible. This will keep them from distracting each other during sleep and not waking each other up. Also, once they are older, twins won't try to reach each other and climb out of their cribs.

Placing two cribs in a small nursery can be tricky.

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The latest point brings us to the safety part. When preparing a small nursery for twins, you should focus on how to make it safer. Safety levels will vary as your babies grow and develop more skills. Start with some basic things such as breathable mattresses and beddings, keeping cribs away from windows, cords, and electric outlets, installing a smoke alarm, etc. The changing table you use should be attached safely, and even then, you shouldn't leave the babies unsupervised on any occasion.

Get a white noise machine 

Babies may know each other from the belly, but problems may appear as soon as they are born. These roommates may have issues with feedings, naps, and sleep time, as often they don't do them simultaneously. So, to prevent babies from waking each other up, a white noise machine can be very helpful. It will make a noise similar to the one inside the womb, which will assist in putting them to sleep, as well as keeping them that way when the other one is crying. 

Twins can be challenging for parents but the love is twice as big! 

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Same, but different 

Even though you're preparing a small nursery for twins, make sure you add some character for each of the babies. It's nice they have beddings or cribs in different colors, toys, or some other details to personalize their space a bit. After all, you're now raising two separate people, so don't forget that when you go on the most important shopping spree of your life!

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