Wednesday 13 November 2019

How to Design a Nursery on a Budget

Design the nursery you want by staying organized and creative.

Finding out a baby is on the way is big news! Suddenly you must think about all these and other elements that you didn't think of before. We know how overwhelming it can be, and we are here to help! Throughout this text, we are going to help you design a nursery on a budget. With so much to worry about and consider, you will most likely use at least some of these tips and suggestions on how to save money while creating a nursery you and your baby will love.

Design a Nursery on a Budget


Although it can seem and be a fairly big project, designing a nursery can also be done within a budget. Firstly, it is all about the organization. Sit down with your partner and jot down everything that you require for your nursery. Start with the necessary items and move along to your less urgent things. Furthermore, to design a nursery on a budget, you should first consider which room in your house will be a good option for it. You should go with a room that is easily accessible to you and works well with the rest of the house. Once you have a room set for a nursery, it's time to visualize the space you have - along with the list you created. 

Once again, designing a nursery on a budget is all about being resourceful and creative. Here we suggest a few money-saving ideas for your new nursery:

• purchase a convertible crib
• opt out of buying a changing table 
• revamp the furniture you already have
• less is more!

Nursery on a Budget Done Right

Play with different colors and tones to create a positive atmosphere in your nursery.

The list above should be your guidelines towards staying within your budget while designing your nursery. Our first tip, and the one which might help you save the most money, isrevamping the old into the new. Look at the space, the furniture, and items you already have and be creative with it. How can you make them nursery-friendly and fresh looking? Start with a fresh coat of paint! Paint the walls and the ceiling to create a fresh and cohesive vibe within the new nursery. Moreover, if you have paint leftover, apply it to old dressers and throw in some cool new handles to make them seem completely new. 

If you don't have a crib, our tip is to buy a convertible one. With a convertible crib, you are saving money for the future. In addition, it will be of good use even when your baby grows into the toddler stage. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of buying a changing table, we remind you that it might not be completely necessary. It would be a better idea to save that money for all the things you'll need once the baby is here, such as diapers! For the time being, your changing table can be a bed onto which you can place a towel or blanket where you can place the baby. 

Less is More!

Keeping it simple will maintain your budget and leave space for change later on.

Often, we can get carried away when redecorating or designing rooms within our home, especially after changing your place of residence and seeing that moving your entire home without trouble is possible. It is definitely easy to think you always need that one extra thing. However, in this case, less is more. Design your nursery on a budget and keep it simple. At the end of the day, ensuring that the room is clean, cozy and functional is all that matters. Keep the room and accessories at flow with a color of your choice. Picking two colors is more than enough to create a fresh space while saving money. Paint one main color on the walls, while adding the second one as an accent wall.

Moreover, thrift shopping is also another cool tip to keep in mind. With the prices at an affordable level, you can also find very unique pieces and accessories at a thrift store. Overall, they could make the nursery distinctive yet cute. As we have mentioned before, creativity should play one of the major roles in your design. Finding cool pieces such as an old mirror frame, or a unique rocking chair, and then painting them with a fresh color will make these items personal and one of a kind. 

Moving or Staying?

Move hassle free with the right crew!

Whether you are designing a nursery within a house you already live in or are moving completely, the same ideas apply. When moving to a new place, it is just essential to consider the space and visualize how you can use it. Where will you place the nursery? Will it be close to your bedroom? Once you can visualize the new space, everything else is pretty much the same. You can even consider hiring professional movers such as Miami Movers for Lessand schedule the transport of your items all the while knowing that you are staying within your budget. As long as there is a plan at hand, and you have your priorities straight, this will be a hassle-free task. 



Designing your nursery should be a fun experience. It shouldn't bring more stress to your day to day life or make things more complicated. Therefore, let's review! 

1. Stay Organized
2. Make a List of Things to Do 
3. Be Resourceful and Creative
4. Think Outside of the Box
5. Keep it Simple

The last tip of the day would be to start well before the baby's arrival. You want to make sure to have enough time to design and put your nursery together. With plenty of time, you can relax and take it easy. One day at a time. Overall, don't overthink this task, stay innovative, and you can have the nursery ready in no time.

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