Thursday 3 December 2020

Ways to turn unused space into rooms you need

 At times, people feel that they need to spring clean their living space and make some changes in the house. For instance, they may decide to repurpose a room where their son or daughter used to be. It can also feel liberating and purposeful to declutter the closet, pantry, cellar, or garage. There are plenty of ways to turn unused space into rooms you need, and this short guide intends to inspire you about how you can do that.

Of course, this depends on different factors, such as the size of the room you want to repurpose and your house or apartment layout. Also, your budget and your preferences will play a significant part. However, creative thinking can turn even the smallest room into a fun and functional space. It is a shame to give up the idea before even starting - it does not matter if the room is small or poorly structured. For this reason, we have collected the most practical ways to approach the repurposing of a room that you currently use for storage


You can turn garages and basements into spaces where you can spend time doing the things that you love

Alt: an old, cluttered garage

You can create a small home office or ‘hobby room’

Creating a home office is mostly applicable to large enough spaces to accommodate a desk and a chair. Also, rooms with no access to natural light are not adequate for doing mental work in them. However, if you have a room with a window, this area could become your mini-library, no matter how small. You can also turn it into your atelier where you can paint or a hobby room where you can store collectibles, vintage clothing, or professional photography equipment.

If the room you intend to repurpose is large enough, it can serve as a recreation room where you can exercise or do yoga with your little ones.

Alt: a woman practicing yoga with her child

The options are endless, really, and of course, depending on your interests, it can serve different purposes at once. The only thing you have to do is think about a segment of your life that you would like to devote time to and then repurpose your storage room into a 'hobby' room, or 'thinking' room, or 'art' room…

Creating a better storage room

This piece of advice is an extension of what we said about having a room where you can store your art & craft. You might be able to use a pantry or basement in a better way than currently. Sometimes, people start to clutter a room because they cannot decide what to do with an old armchair or a broken shelf. Then they stash it away into this room, and before you know it, it becomes storage for miscellaneous junk ignored or neglected indefinitely. 

However, a single decluttering 'session' is enough to solve this 'problem.' If you are reluctant to throw away or give away the things that are currently occupying the room, you can rent storage space where you can keep your items temporarily. It will give you the time to decide whether you want to keep them or you prefer to have that room as it was.

Getting rid of some of your old belongings is the first step towards turning unused space into a room that you need.

Alt: a woman decluttering a room

If you find that having a storage room is useful, you can invest some time and energy into making it as functional as possible. The first step is to get rid of the items you have not used in the last two years. Then install cabinets that you can label, so you always know where to find the things you need. You might even want to consider smart, custom shelving so that you have a practical closet that has enough space to fit in a vacuum cleaner, or your golf clubs, etc.


Media room

A media room is basically a place where you can have fun with members of your family. For instance, you can play games such as Dungeons & Dragons or any other board game to your liking in this room. This activity could inspire you to create or buy things that will make the space even more pleasant and practical.

A media room could also be a small cinema where your family and friends could watch movie marathons in the evenings. You could even organize club meetings where you can knit, or discuss books, smoke cigars, play X-box or PlayStation, or old video game consoles.

Furthermore, refurbishing the room could be a joint family activity – so, you could paint over the walls of the room together, make a shelf for your board games that will perfectly fit, and have your old couch upholstered, etc. Whatever you choose to use your new media room for, it will surely bring new, positive energy into your new home.

A media room could be a place where you can do fun activities as a family.

Alt: a boy and his father playing a console

What you have to do to turn unused space into rooms you need

Of course, deciding what you want to do with the room is just the beginning. So, as we mentioned, the first step is to minimize the amount of furniture and items currently occupying the space. If you have a lot of bulky old furniture and clunky old appliances, you may want to consider hiring a moving crew from, and they will help you take out the items you have no use for anymore.


Also, some minor renovation is necessary to give the room a new life. So, once you get rid of some of the old furniture, you will be able to apply a fresh coat of paint, change the flooring, and install adequate lighting to revive the space, particularly if it is a small room. Once you get started, you will be able to think of many ways to turn unused space into rooms you need on your own.



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