Wednesday 6 January 2021

5 Ways Sex Will Change In 2021

2020 changed everything. Shopping. Working. Socializing. Dating. Family. The economy. There's no part of our lives left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic, and, hopefully, 2021 will be the year we start putting everything back together. But once we've done that, things may never look quite the same again.

LELO, the world's leading pleasure brand, knows that the sex toy industry is uniquely robust, having already weathered pandemics, recessions, the dot com bubble, terrorism, and war, and yet it still grows and continues to resist the economic trends. More people bought sex toys in 2020 than any other year in history. LELO, then, is uniquely placed to predict what the next year holds for sex, and to define what the new normal will be for pleasure-seekers all over the world.

5. Under The Hood

There's never been a better time in history to have a clitoris than 2021. For years, decades even, sex toys for women have been big, ugly, veiny, phallic things that smell like chemicals and do no one any good, because they were designed by people who don't always have vaginas. In 2021, that era is finally over. Now, brands like LELO have spent years researching and developing highly focused, perfectly refined pleasure products that target the clitoris – not just the visible part, but, thanks to our increasing understanding of anatomy, the larger, equally sensitive internal structure too. Look for a raft of new clitoral sex toys in 2021 – but look hard, because sex toys no longer look like sex toys.

4. Decentralised Dating

If the pandemic has been good for anything, it showed us that going outside was overrated all along. Now, most of us have learned that we can comfortably work from home, shop from home, and even date from home. In 2021, online dating will come of age (again), and more people than ever will have a first date online. The upshot? You get a better sense of a potential new partner without a potential wasted trip. You'll therefore be able to make better decisions about whether or not to commit to sex with this person, amongst much else. It's like a phone interview before a personal meeting.

3. Remote Sex

Just as dating is moving to a virtual space for new couples, so we can predict sex might involve a new digital component for older couples too. The fact is that more people than ever are now comfortable with the way technology interacts with our “real” lives, and the pandemic has blurred the lines even for those who were previously not so tech-savvy. Since older generations have mastered Zoom and instant messaging and various life-essential apps, they can now begin enjoying the wave of digital and remote pleasure products too. Brands like LELO have invested heavily in app technology, particularly with the F1s male pleasure product. This new generation of integrated apps makes it easier than ever for couples who are separated from each other to still enjoy and pleasure each other, and 2021 will be the year it really takes off.

2. A Sex Recession

Statistics from the past few years report that, contrary to expectation and assumption, most of us are having less sex than generations before us. That was happening before the pandemic, and the trend looks set to continue, at least for a while, thanks in part to the distancing habits we've picked up in 2020. The result? Sex will become a question of quality over quantity in 2021. We'll pick better partners, we'll try harder, we'll put more effort in, and the sex we'll be having will be less frequent, but more satisfying. We'll have it less, want it more, and make the most of it when we get it.

1. A Masturbation Renaissance

Perhaps a happy outcome of the sex recession, people will begin to relearn their own bodies and relearn what solo pleasure can offer. It will be a masturbation renaissance, and it's already being proved by the huge explosion of sex toy sales in 2020. We can't wait for everyone to really start loving their masturbation in 2021, and LELO will be ready with all the tools and toys people need to fulfill the urges left by a deficit of sex.

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