Thursday 7 January 2021

Great Ways To Save Money On Vehicle Repairs

If this year has taught us anything it’s how to try and be frugal and save money for emergencies because you never know when suddenly there is a pandemic raging through the globe destroying everyone’s job security! The best way to save money is to find ways to do things for yourself rather than hiring or paying someone to do it for you. 

The DIYers of the world are saving money and making money by doing things for themselves in all aspects of life. One of the biggest expenses in anyone’s life is their vehicle, this is a huge bank breaker when looking at mechanic bills, gas, insurance and all things surrounding the transport in your life. Time to start cutting your vehicle expenses by doing more for yourself with

Learn New Skills

Learn how to do small repairs and maintenance on your own by watching videos on YouTube. There are many different jobs you can do without taking your car into the shop like body work, oil changes, tire changes, small engine repairs and it can all be learned online. You don’t need an entire workshop full of tools for most of the jobs either which is a huge deal consider tools can cost a lot of money. Consider buying a socket set, screwdrivers, a jack strong enough to lift your vehicle and a few other small tools second hand to save money. 

Save With Second Hand

Always look for second hand parts when possible. Whether you’re driving a Dodge, Jeep, Ford or Toyota there are hundreds of parts you can find second hand or refurbished that will work good as new to ensure your ride is running smooth. Do your homework and find out which parts have to be brand new before making a purchase because sometimes buying used parts doesn’t always work. 

Compare Prices

When buying parts it pays to call around and look for the best price in each location. Some stores sell different styles, different strengths and different brands that all have different pricing. If you own a business it may be worth your time to look into opening a business account where you can earn a small discount for you and your employees. Each store is different so call and ask about their prices and policy. This is also a great idea when going in to see a mechanic. Some mechanics charge different hourly labour rates which can save you hundreds depending on the job. 

These simple tips will help you save money on your vehicle and put that hard earned cash into more important places in your budget. 

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