Wednesday 10 February 2021

How moving to a different climate impacts children

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If you are planning relocation with kids, somewhere where the weather is completely different, don't panic! There are many benefits of moving to a different climate with your kids, especially if you are relocating to a warmer place. However, whether you are moving to a warmer or cold area, you need to know what to expect and act accordingly. Here's how moving to a different climate impacts children.

Obvious advantages of moving to a warmer area

Some people prefer warmer areas, while others prefer colder ones. However, it is proven that warm weather is beneficial for health and emotional well-being. No doubt that moving to a different climate impacts children, but moving to a warmer climate can actually prove to be very good to them, so let's see how:

  • Kids will enjoy more outdoor activities – When it is sunny and warm, kids are in a better mood, they want to walk, play outside and enjoy activities in the fresh air. There are more things you can do outside when it's warm and sunny; think about abundant summer activities for your kid's growth and development and all outdoor family activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, surfing, sailing, etc.

  • Vitamin D – Sunshine boosts the production of vitamin D. This will make all members of your family feel more energetic and healthier. Furthermore, it is good for bones, and it can even prevent cancer. Vitamin D stabilizes kids' immune systems. It is also good for their metabolism. Only 15 minutes in the sun are enough for our bodies to synthesize precious vitamin D. If you are considering a move to some of the warmer places, you'll do good for your kids' overall physical and mental health.

  • No more winter clothes – When you are relocating to a warmer place, you don't need to take many things. You probably won't need winter clothes, including boots and coats. Forget about cold, blizzards, ice, freezing temperatures, and snow as well. Your kids will finally be able to dress lightly, move more freely, and they will probably enjoy it because getting ready to go outside can always be quick.

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Less obvious advantages of moving to a warmer area

Some of the benefits may be less obvious, but that doesn't make them less true:

  • Less chance to catch a cold - Although kids can get sick when it is hot, that's much more likely to happen when it's cold outside. If they go out improperly dressed on a chilly day, it may cause you a lot of trouble.

  • More entertainment – Areas with warmer weather usually offer more kids-free entertainment. Enjoy theme parks, open-air museums, botanical gardens, and much more.

  • Locally grown food - Discover new restaurants with delicious food and offer your kids fresher fruits and vegetables which grow locally and organically.

  • Natural therapy – The sun is a natural stress reliever. When our eyes see the sun, the brain begins to produce more serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness. On the other hand, the level of the sleepy hormone melatonin decreases. The sunshine will positively influence your kids' self-esteem in the long run, so you can all live a happier life.

  • Everybody loves sunshine – A minimal number of people can say that they don't like sunny days, especially kids. You can make picnics to catch beautiful sunsets or even watch beautiful sunrises together.

The advantages of moving to a colder area

Living in a warm climate also has its bad sides. So, let's see what advantages you can expect for your kids when moving to a colder area:

  • No more boring bugs and ugly insects – Bugs and insects like the warm weather. Those uninvited guests can be quite annoying for adults and even more so for kids. No more flying, stinging, buzzing, and biting of mosquitos nor from other insects.

  • Fewer microbes – Microbes are more vicious during the hot weather because bacteria thrive when it’s hot while they are less resistant to lower temperatures. It can help keep your family healthy during fall and wintertime, along with healthy habits and routines.

  • Some kids are more sensitive to the sun, so moving to a colder climate helps them – If your kids have red hair, pale skin, freckles, or blue eyes, probably they are more sensitive to the sun than others. When moving to a colder climate, don't forget about the sun cream completely, but you can significantly decrease its use. Eventually, problems with sensitive skin will be less likely to happen to your kids.

  • More snow and winter magic for holidays – Areas with a cold climate usually have snowy winters. You must admit – most kids like the snow, so yours probably like it, too. Moving to a different climate impacts children, and some like activities in the snow more than anything else. They enjoy having a snowball fight, sledding, building a snowman, making a snow angel, and going ice skating.

Caption: Snow means never-ending fun for kids.

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How to pack when moving to a different climate

When planning a move, preparing your family's wardrobe is one of the crucial tasks. First, make a list of all necessary clothes and declutter your home. Get rid of everything your family won't need anymore, including children's clothes that they have outgrown. When you are relocating with kids, you should always try to make the packing process and the moving day as simple and easy as you can. Therefore, hiring professional movers can save you a lot of time and energy. Getting in touch with companies like Go Movers Bay Area can speed up the relocation, allowing you to focus on your kids and explain to them all the benefits of moving to a different climate.

Remember, if you are relocating to a colder area, pack more than one pair of boots for each family member, as well as other winter wardrobes - sweaters, scarves, gloves, and coats. On the other hand, if you are relocating to a warmer area, make sure to pack all kids' favorite shorts and shirts.

Adapting to a different climate

Even if you are moving in the extremely hot or freezing period of the year, your relocation should be quick and simple. There are ways to make it like that, and one of them is hiring a moving company. But when you find yourself in a new city, adapting to a new climate will come gradually. That process can't happen overnight. Give yourself and your kids time to adjust to a new environment and develop new routines. If the temperature is lower than you expected, that doesn't mean you need to retreat indoors; just prepare warm clothes for each family member. Likewise, hot temperatures require a lot of water when going outside to avoid dehydration. Kids need to use summer caps and sunscreens with high protection.

Caption: Moving to a different climate impacts children, but they will gradually get used to it.

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Remember, playing outside improves kids’ cognitive skills. They need fresh air and outdoor activities no matter the weather forecast. Moving to a different climate impacts children as well as you, but you'll get used to it. Of course, your kids will get used to it also, maybe even faster.

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