Wednesday 10 February 2021

The Best Activities To Enjoy During The Pandemic

It has been a real challenge getting out and enjoying activities since the pandemic hit. Some of us were unable to get out and do anything due to lockdown and others couldn’t because of closures or the fear of catching COVID-19. Businesses have really stepped up and stayed true to the guidelines and restrictions put in place to keep Ilya safe and it is now safe to get out and enjoy some activities. Plus it is really important to support local businesses to keep them open and running so they to can support their families. Here are a few fun activities you can enjoy together even during the pandemic:

Escape rooms are loads of fun and keep you safe and within your circle and everything is well cleaned and sanitized in between groups but if your unable to get out and enjoy them there is other options. Virtual escape rooms are growing in popularity as we are maintaining our distance and staying at home as we are told to do so. You can still enjoy talking with others and escaping the room just from the safety of your own home, it’s the same scenario just home based to ensure we all stay safe. 

Bowling is opened up in a lot of areas and seems to be staying quite safe with restrictions in place. They are very strict on distances and how many people are allowed in every group. They are maintaining cleanliness and keeping everyone safe making it a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. 

Gymnastics and swimming lessons are open in our neck of the woods as well. Be aware there are a whole new kind of rules in place for who is allowed in the building, where they sit, how they interact and more so be sure to find out what regulations are in place in your area to keep your family safe and help these places stay open. 

Restaurants and bars are open as well but they aren’t booming with popularity mainly because they aren’t a necessity to get through this situation. We can all do our part by ordering food from our favourite restaurants but chilling in the club is not top priority. 

Take a look around town and find out what is open in your area. Be prepared for different rules and regulations but as we get through this more will be lifted and this too shall pass. Support local and have fun but in a safe manner! 

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