Wednesday 10 March 2021

An Ultimate Guide To Create Pandemic-Proof Personal Statement

 Henry David Thoreau, a late American naturalist, once said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Where medical school aspirants were already braced up to follow this approach, the outburst of pandemic made them struck dumb. This is mainly because of the shutdown of medical institutions and interruption in the routine flow of education.

However, the best part is that authorities realize the impact of Coronavirus on preparation and thus allows candidates to make adjustments in their medical school personal statement accordingly. In other words, you can list down the changes you have experienced in the pandemic to present your strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, to help you sound natural and appropriate while creating a pandemic-proof personal statement, here we present the useful tips. Jump in to know!

1.  Include Community Activities You Were Engaged in During Lockdown

Medical schools will surely appreciate your efforts towards community welfare. They will also get to comprehend the sense of empathy in you, which in real-life is considered quite an essential trait among doctors. Thus, whether you were involved in a small activity like offering free masks or have greatly contributed by working as a frontline worker, you can mention this in your personal statement to boost its value.

Some of the other examples of community welfare activities that you can highlight in medical school personal statement are -

        Delivering groceries and medications to the elderly population

        Researching on COVID-19

        Helping junior students as online tutors

2.  Disclose The Impact Of Coronavirus Impact On Preparation

Medical schools now often put forth the question, ‘What challenges you faced during COVID-19, and how you responded to it?’. This can be a great opportunity for aspirants to delineate their strengths and leadership capabilities.

Besides, mentioning the impact of Coronavirus on your studies can help the admission committee know the reason behind your below-average scores. Nevertheless, you have to be honest and natural throughout. You can also seek medical school personal statement help from professional consultants to be more precise.

3.  Avoid Indicating Coronavirus As An Excuse For Your Deficiencies

No doubt, you might have suffered some challenges due to the impact of Coronavirus, but indicating it as an excuse behind all your weak points can present you as irresponsible in the eyes of medical school. Remember, it is a golden opportunity to display your leadership skill and affirmative attitude. Thus, instead of declaring the disruption of the pandemic, show how you responded to every circumstance and came out as a winner.

4.  Make Sure That Coronavirus Is Not Opening Or Center Of Personal Statement

While highlighting the impact of COVID-19 in the personal statement is good, one has to keep in mind that the main goal is to disclose the desire to become a doctor. Besides, the fact that the whole world is grasping straws to cope-up with the influence of events, you cannot go unique by listing it in starting.

Therefore, we recommend you to be quite concise with the concept and do not go off track from its significant purpose.

Bottom Line

Indeed, Coronavirus is a matter of concern for the whole world and has hugely impacted the life of medical school candidates. It is why illustrating its influence in medical school personal statements is vital to let medical schools have a grasp of your experience.

However, you have to be honest and appropriate while creating a pandemic-proof statement to sound authentic. Thus, keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips to make sure that you present yourself best out of the rest.

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