Monday 29 March 2021

Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Veg

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At this point, it is nothing new to hear that a decent portion of fruit and vegetables is going to be majorly beneficial to your health. However, there is something to be said about what kind of fruit and veg you are eating, where they are from, and how fresh they are. There are more to the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables than just for your health, and this article will go into further details about those advantages, so read on for more information.


Fresh Fruit and Philanthropy

Fruit in the Box offers a wonderful and incredibly beneficial service, both to you and to the community. In basic terms, Fruit in the Box will give a box full of fresh fruit and vegetables to a vulnerable family in the area for every box that you order so thatyou can combine healthy living and charity into one majorly convenient process.

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable solution to your fruit and veg needs and like the idea of supporting those who need the most in your community, then you should consider Fruit in the Box.

Local Support

It ultimately comes down to the support you are providing to your local farming community. By making sure to buy your fruit and vegetables fresh, you are much more likely to be offering support to your local community and feeding into an economic loop in your area. As you buy from local sources, you are inserting money into the system; that money is far more likely to be spent in your community as well. This goes on to create the aforementioned loop, which strengthens the economy of your community.

Better for the Environment

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables is often better for the environment, if you are buying from a local source when they are in season. Though this can be dependent on the time of year, and whether the food is native to where you are, sometimes you cannot avoid shipping those exotic fruits from another country if you want to make smoothies from them, but that is something that you can decide for yourself. This means that, so long as you are careful to ensure you buy fruit and veg in seasonand think responsibly, then you should mitigate your environmental impact. 

Nutritional Value

In terms of nutrition and health benefits, there are negligible differences between eating fresh fruit and fruit that has been frozen, so why should you eat fresh fruit over frozen fruit whenever possible? While there is minimal difference between fresh and frozen veg in terms of nutritional value, your fruit's true freshness is an important factor in terms of nutritional value. So the longer your food sits between being picked and buying it, the less nutritional benefit it will have. In most cases, fresh food delivered directly to you, or picked locally, is going to be your best option for eating fruit and veg at their nutritional peak.

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