Sunday 28 March 2021

How to give your children a stronger financial future

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It is one of those unavoidable things in life, but everyone has concerns about having enough money to support themselves andthose around them. As parents, it is only natural to want to provide the best for your children, often at the expense of your own ambitions or treats. This can come in the form of milling them around daily to clubs and school or even just trying to prepare them for the big bad world they will face as adults. 


How can you prepare them?

There are many ways to prepare a child for the future, whether it is encouraging them to eat healthily, helping them with homework, or even just offering advice on what car to buy or which college to attend. You must face all different problemswhen watching your child grow, but there is a sense of pride when they come through it unscathed and as a more rounded adult. Children need guidance from their parents to understand how the world works, teaching them how to navigate through the many challenges they will encounter. One of the best ways to help them is to show them the importance of saving money, whether it is an emergency fund in case of unexpected financial hits or putting money away so that they might be able to purchase that first apartment or house or even selling one. BluePrint Homes can help with this as their cash-only offers can give you a much clearer idea on helping them to know how much money can be on offer while making the process more streamlined to avoid complications with realtors. 


Let’s talk money

The US Department of Agriculture estimated in 2017 that the average cost of raising a child to adulthood ranges from$174,690 to $372,210 depending on your own financial circumstances. This is based on having both parents living together, but it is still an awful lot of money. Children are expensive, though, whether it is buying diapers and pacifiers when they are born to ensuring their school uniform is always in good condition; a lot of money is required to assist them in having the best possible start in life. College fees are traditionally quite high, with the latest figures showing that state-funded colleges can cost $9,687 while private tuition can cost upwards of $35,087. Out-of-state students could be looking at fees of at least $21,184, meaning significant savings might be required to make the college dream a reality. 


In conclusion

As a final point, it is clear that caring for children is almost certainly an expensive task and as parents, it is only right to want to do your best for them. Helping to save can be a great way to give them that preparation for the future, and quite often,it is something they can take with them for the rest of their lives. With the correct guidance, you can see your children grow into strong adults, armed with the knowledge that they can have a much brighter future with good financial control.  

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