Tuesday 2 March 2021

Here's What You Need to Know Before the Annual Spring Clean-Up

One of the most loved seasons, spring, has already arrived. Well, it simply indicates that now is the time to bring your home into a magnificent condition. How about a deep clean-up that merely promotes wellness while leaving your home organized and fresh! Sounds great, right? You can even hire a reputable cleaning maid service in NYC for home cleaning who can bring that fresh start feeling in a short stretch. Or else, you can do it on your own.

Here we are with a series of tips favored by every experienced. So, let's get started with declutter and quick cleaning tips and make your lovely home sparkle all around.


#1 Organise the cabinets and fridge

The first thing you can begin with is turning around the tables as you don't need to limit rotating them. And, don't just forget about those Lazy Susans. Just dispose of all the outdated spices and condiments from the cabinets while organizing the refrigerator and your tiny pantries with this hack.

#2 Clean that oven grill

An oven grill is something that holds a huge amount of grease and is pretty hard to clean. Not to worry, here's the hack. Heat it well and sprinkle some vinegar on it, and just let it sit well. Once you find the greasy residue loosening, gently scrub the area with some onion. The acid releasing from the onion petals will swipe away the leftover remains in a flash.

#3 Let's unpack the pack!

Summer springtime is also about wearing comfy and lightweight outfits. If your closets and drawers have been a whole mess, then the moment has come to stack them well in a vertical arrangement. By doing this way, you will be accessing them easily. A pro tip to always follow is always to stack your outfits inside a clean shoebox and stack them in tidy rows inside your closet's drawers.

#4 Get to know those rugs and couches well

Upholstery furniture acts as an accessory for every house. So don't just make the mistake of ruining it by using an inappropriate cleaner. Normally, not all manufacturers will mention what type of cleaning supplies will suit the upholstery items. So, make sure to be familiar with the standard label codes. For instance, X indicates to clean with a vacuum brush only. W stands for water cleaning, W-S for dry cleaning solutions, and S for not using any water or saturation method.

#5 Let those old newspapers clean the mirrors

Window glass panes and mirrors are accessories that always demand regular cleaning. You can bring their shine and clarity back with some white vinegar mixed with liquid soap and water. Mix it well, spray it evenly, and scrub it mildly with some newspaper. And, there, you get streak-free mirrors and window panes.

#6 Tartar cream for kettles and toasters

Form a quick milky paste with some tartar sauce mixed with little water. Rub the paste on the appliance and wipe it off gently for a perfect finish. Your kettles and toasters are all ready to prepare your quick morning breakfast.

#7 Keep things in place with some velcro

Velcro strips have been a useful thing because of their excellent gripping feature. For your drawers, attach the strips well from one end to the other. This will keep your essentials in the exact place. You can even remove them whenever needed.

#8 Clean air vents with a butter knife

Air vents are the areas where dust and particles get stuck easily. But this spring season, don't let it build and keep those air vents spotlessly clean. Take a butter knife, wrap it well with a rag, and start wiping the dirt on either side of the slats. Your home is all set to drench in spring's fresh air.

Bear in mind that organizing things well and cleaning them up every day is the key takeaway for your spring cleaning. Definitely, all these tips are highly favored by homeowners and professionals for home cleaning in NYC. Empty your refrigerator on time while leaving it cleaner every time. Wash the windows, flip those bedroom mattresses, clean the upholstery, and clean those vintage-themed curtains. Else, if you can't do the mopping, dusting, and scrubbing all around this season, then there's nothing else better than looking for an expert maid service in NYC.

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