Monday 1 March 2021

Organizing your home after the move

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People often feel relieved when they finally move into a new home. All the moving stress is over at last, and there's nothing they should worry about. However, there's a final step of relocation people often overlook when planning the relocation – and that's organizing your home after the move. Settling down, cleaning, and organizing typically coincide with the first day at the new job or school. This period often tends to be hectic, so we wanted to make things simple. In this guide, you'll find out everything about the period after the moving date. What are the essential steps of unpacking and setting up your new home? 

Start organizing your home weeks before the moving date

You must start thinking about the new home months or weeks before the move to ensure the most uncomplicated move-in process. This means you should start organizing your items to make the unpacking a lot simpler. Here are some things you could do.

Declutter the old home 

 Start organizing your home by giving up on all the items you no longer need. Every home often piles up unnecessary stuff, so a deep declutter will keep the new house organized. Furthermore, it will lower the moving costs, too, as you’ll move fewer boxes. Recycle, donate, or even sell the things you don’t use anymore, and make space in the new house. 

Decluttering is the best way to start organizing your home after the move. alt.tag: a woman who is folding clothes and organizing her home after the move

Use up the food 

Organize your fridge and pantry in advance by carefully planning to use up the food you already have in the old house. This will prevent food waste or relocating half-empty packaging. Take a look at your food supplies, and try to make meal plans for the next few days or weeks. It's an easy way to use up all the things you don't want to move and save time thinking about lunch ideas. 

Go through your fridge and pantry and organize the food you have left. alt.tag: a kitchen pantry

Label the boxes 

One way to avoid problems when relocating is color-coding the moving boxes according to the room they should go to. By doing this, your moving team will immediately put them in appropriate rooms, making unpacking a lot faster and keeping the mess out of one central area. This step will also make organizing your home after the move much more manageable, as you will have all the boxes sorted out. 

Clean before you unpack – the number one tip for organizing your home after the move

Cleaning empty surfaces without so many items is much easier and faster. That’s why you should deep clean your home before you start unpacking the moving boxes. Windows, floors, shelves, wardrobes, kitchen counters, and bathrooms should be on your cleaning list. If possible, visit the house before the moving day, or schedule professional cleaning services in days before moving. Professional cleaners are a great solution if you're busy in the pre-moving period and will get the job done without you getting too tired. 

Unpack rugs first 

Before you bring the furniture and other pieces, it’s best to place the rugs first. It’s a much simpler technique than moving the heavy furniture later. This way, you can place and adjust the rugs as you see fit. 

Have an unpacking timeline 

We understand that you're tired from all the packing and that unpacking now seems too much. And you don’t need to do everything at once. You can have a strategy for your unpacking process. Make a plan where you will unpack room by room, starting with the essentials in each room. It's best to unpack the items you need for normal functioning first and then proceed to decoration and less critical items. Depending on your working schedule, plan on unpacking a certain number of boxes each day. This will help you make steady progress and empty the boxes in a couple of days without getting too tired of everything.

Stay organized after the move

It is essential to stay organized after the relocation and keep your home mess-free. In case you’re moving into a home with limited space, you can get a storage unit to help you out. Storage professionals will make your unit perfectly clean and safe. You can keep seasonal items, tools, rarely used belonging there until the next time you need them. It’s a great hack that helps you make more space in your home and stay organized much better.

Deal with the moving boxes

After they unpack, the biggest problem people face is leftover moving boxes. Instead of merely throwing them away, there are several ways you can put the moving boxes to better use:

  • use them to store your items in the storage unit;

  • sell the boxes online – many people are looking for affordable moving boxes on the internet, so it’s a great chance to save money on packing supplies;

  • save your boxes for the next relocation – if you tend to move frequently, keep your packing supplies for the next time you need them. Also, some of your friends or family may be moving soon, so it might be a great idea to provide them with some free moving boxes. 

Moving boxes can help you with organizing your home after the move - label and color-code each of them. alt.tag: moving boxes with clothes are important for organizing your home after the move.

Regular maintenance is the best way of organizing your home after the move 

It takes a lot of energy and time to relocate, unpack and set up your new household. That’s why you should try hard to keep it that way – tidy and organized. Regular maintenance of your home may seem like extra work, but it will actually save you a lot of time. Tidying up daily and not letting clutter pile up will ensure you don't need to spend all weekend cleaning up the whole house. These small, daily tasks can become your routine and help you keep a clean home at all times – making the bed, doing smaller portions of laundry every day, and general tidy-up before you go to bed. And finally, try to involve your family in the process – if everybody does their share of work, the house will be organized and clean all the time.

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