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How to save money on packing supplies when moving?

When relocation to a new home requires detailed planning of the budget. And as you get into more details of your moving expenses, you realize it can get pretty costly. That’s why you need to cut some of the costs down. One of the ways to save some money is by packing your items wisely. We prepared a couple of tips on how to save money on packing supplies when moving – and you’ll see, they’re pretty easy to do!

Be practical and don’t spend more than necessary 

One of the most common ways people spend a lot of money when moving is by getting more packing supplies than they need. So, if you want to save money on packing supplies when moving, be sure to get just enoughBefore you start packing, you should go through your items, and even make an inventory list. This way you’ll know the exact number of items ready for the move, so you can pick all the necessary supplies. This way, you won’t waste money and throw away the leftover packing supplies.

Get packing supplies for free

If you’ve got a growing family and need a bigger house, you probably need to save as much money as possible. Buying a house and relocation can get expensive, so you should do everything you can to save money on packing supplies when moving. One of the best ways to do it is to find them for freeIf you start planning your move on time, this task should be easy. Where can you find free packing supplies? Well, there area couple of options. You can go to the local liquor store and ask them to give you some leftover boxes. You can also visit a local bookstore, Starbucks, furniture store, etc. Also, be sure to check Craigslist, the place where you can get free moving boxes and other supplies from people who don’t need them anymore. And finally – ask your friends and family who recently moved, they probably have some packing supplies left.

Figure 1 If you need to save money on packing supplies when moving, you need to be systematic and plan every detail ov the move. alt.tag: a man holding a piggy bank used to save money on packing supplies when moving

Downsize your move 

If you have fewer items to move, you’ll have fewer items to pack. Therefore, you can save money on packing supplies and also save a lot of time. Relocation is the perfect chance to get rid of all of those items you’ve been saving for years but you never use. These include outdated, damaged, old, too big/small items your family doesn’t need. Being organized is one of those lifestyle changes that can help you save money in the long run, too. And when it comes to moving, decluttering your home means fewer packing supplies and lower moving costs, too! 

Bonus tip: By decluttering your home, you can even make some money! Don’t throw everything away, but sort the items out and check if any of them are in good condition. You can sell them on a garage sale or online, and make some money for your move. For more moving advice, you can check out our moving hacks to move like a pro.

Use the items you already have in your home 

You don’t need to buy all brand-new packing supplies to pack everything for the move. It’s possible to use the things you already have in your house. Instead of the moving boxes, you can pack items in tote bags, suitcases and plastic boxes Also, sturdy garbage bags can be a great piece of packing supplies, especially for clothes. And when it comes to the packing paper – protect your items with towels, linens and old newspapers. So, if you a creative enough, you can definitely save money on packing supplies in many ways.


If you need a lot of moving boxes, maybe you should consider renting them from a professional moving company. Also, if you rent plastic, reusable boxes, you can have a more eco-friendly move. This option can be quite affordable, so start browsing your options right away. 

Figure 2 Renting moving boxes is an effective way to save money on packing supplies when moving - be sure to calculate your moving costs first. alt.tag: calculator and a small house figure

Avoid additional costs 

When you are trying to save money on packing supplies, you shouldn’t risk the safety of your items. It is important to pack the fragile and expensive things safely, to avoid damaging them and therefore increasing the costs of your move. The same way you want to make your home safer on a budget, you should protect your valuables while trying to save money. Have priorities when packing your items, so you use high-quality packing supplies when packing them.

Figure 3 Pack your items safely so you don't make any mistakes and spend more than necessary. alt.tag: items packed in a box, with a key

Let a pro pack your items

If you are not very skillful or simply don’t have enough time to slowly and carefully pack your items – it’s maybe best to hire a professional to help you outThis way you will make sure thatall your items are professionally packed and safe – which is sometimes more affordable than you think. Also, not everyone is capable of packing everything by themselves. For example, seniors might need some assistance when moving house, so hiring someone experienced is definitely worth it.

Don’t rush

Rushing your moving process and doing everything in a hurry is not safe – for you, your items, or your moving budget. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan and stay properly organized throughout your packing and moving process. The best way to make sure you are not hurrying is to make a checklist of all the tasks you need to do and then check them as you go. Pack your house systematically – room by room. Start with the rooms/items you rarely use and work your way towards the everyday items. This way, you’ll have an effective system for your packing, which will enable you not to make any mistakes and also help you save money on packing supplies when moving.

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