Monday 1 March 2021

Let's Talk Self-pleasure, Baby!

 Another year, same powerful date, ongoing problems, yet we keep on going with new solutions. Our mission is to speak loudly about sexuality, intimacy, self- pleasure and everything that goes with it. It is also our duty to bring joy and satisfaction. Today, to highlight International Women's Day, LELO is sending an important reminder to women all around the world - discover, talk about it, make it happen and enjoy

Yes, we have been craving from our very first beginnings (and we will never stop) to bring satisfaction and experience of an orgasm to women all around the world. We have always been encouraging them to speak loudly about their sexuality. Even though it's not an easy task to achieve, we must admit that regardless of the fact that 2020 was an awful one, sexual pleasure is something that has brought us a lot of joy during those hard times. Yes, for women too! This is what has to keep us going and stop women from being ashamed and feeling like they should not express their joyfulness. Words today just have to become stronger and the conversation about women sexuality must become a normality.

LELO is the world's leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products. On launching in 2003, LELO transformed the look, feel
and function of how personal massagers were perceived, and now applies the same commitment to quality and innovation through bedroom accessories and soy massage candles. LELOi AB is the Swedish company behind LELO, where offices extend from Stockholm to San Jose, from Sydney to Shanghai.
  Conversation and destigmatization
Do you even remember the last time you had any sort of intimate conversation about pleasure, experience and sexuality in general? Whatever the tone it was? We assume you don’t (applause to exceptions). Perhaps you think women are forbidden to have those conversations and you should keep it to yourself. Maybe you think there is nothing to talk about? Or you might be ashamed? Unfortunately, it is society which teaches us that way. Women are taught to feel ashamed of their sexuality before they even start having sex. They are imposed with the constant thoughts that it’s wrong to have a sex drive, sexual fantasies and enjoyment. By this, they are teaching them that they are the inferior gender. Society makes women feel ashamed of literally every aspect of their sexuality, but this has to become an absolute no, no and NO! Sexuality is an essential part of a woman and no one should stigmatize that. We want you to help normalize conversation about sex - whatever there is to it. This is one of the crucials we are fighting against - the “stigma” that has been put on female sexuality and each and every part of it. And by bringing conversation it will make you realize you are not alone - this is how to start making a difference. Act now and speak loudly!

Women always feel like they should hide the fact that they enjoy masturbation and orgasms - and we have been always encouraging them to celebrate their femininity and self-pleasure. Celebrate and express your joy, learn how to be comfortable with yourself. Don't be ashamed of your sexuality. Every woman is entitled to discover the pleasures of masturbation which comes in a variety of forms. Discover, learn and find what makes you enjoy the most. Ask yourself what’s your interpretation of pleasure? What do you like? What would you like to try? There is nothing and no one stopping you from having the biggest “O” from an orgasm. And once you’ve harnessed your orgasm and begun to understand it, it becomes a very private expression of your individuality. Your orgasm is as unique to you as the way you walk or the way you talk, and to take control of your climax means taking control of your body. Explore different ways, try a bit of roughness if you like or take it slow with SILA - the newest LELO addition to the pleasure products for a “never before experienced” orgasm. How does that sound?
Or even better, do you feel like exploring different sorts of orgasms? We think it's time to discover ultimate joys of self-pleasure - immediately. Visit LELOs page from March 8 until March 10 because we know how to make you satisfied. Happy International Women’s Day!

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