Monday 22 March 2021

Top Chef Candidate Nastasia Lyard recipe for Cake and Cunnilingus Day

If you haven't by now, mark it in the calendar, ladies, as April 14 is your day and officially National Cake and Cunninglingus Day. On this day, women get to celebrate their pleasure and receive all the cunnilingus they want. Of course, the day is also about cake!

Still, having your cake and eating it is great, but have you tried incorporating it in your oral play, making it even more fun?!?  Have you ever considered mixing it up a little bit? This Cake and Cunninglingus Day LELO proposes a slight twist to the day. With the help of the French Top chef 2020 candidate Nastasia Lyard, LELO has come up with the perfect sweet addition to accompany this day. It has everything you want in a cake. As chef Lyard says, "With a rich, chewy rendering and a pinch of sugary taste, it will be impossible to resist the discovery of this little cupcake whose flowing heart is itself talking about this special day:" Passion Fruits "! So, indulge yourself and get your aprons on!"."

"LELO Tongue in cheek chocolate cupcakes with flowing passion heart center and buttercream"

For six cupcakes:
100g dark chocolate
75g sugar
75g butter
100g egg
25g flour
200g of passion fruit coulis
4g xanthan gum
200g butter
200g icing sugar
Passion fruit three pieces

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