Monday 22 March 2021

Creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler

The latest trends in the home organization show the aspects of minimalism and simplicity. Due to the overwhelming effect of everyday information, tasks, and stress, simplicity has become an essential factor in our lives. People are looking for a way to make their lives easier by having less to do or decide on each day. And one way to make your life simpler is certainly making your wardrobe simpler. You have probably faced the challenge of having nothing to wear while standing in front of the full closet, haven't you? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. A similar issue appears once we have kids. Therefore, parents are looking for ways to make efficient wardrobes where they will spend less time deciding what their young ones will wear that day. More importantly, they want to minimize the laundry work too. In this guide, we will deal with creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler and making your everyday routine a lot easier. 

Is there a difference between a capsule and a minimalist wardrobe?

One of the most commonly mixed terms is a capsule and minimalist wardrobe. That’s why we want to explain these two terms to help you decide which one works best for you. A capsule wardrobe is a stack of clothes that can be mixed and worn together with other pieces in that group. It also depends on the season, which will be affected by the climate of your area. The next step would be a minimal wardrobe. It is a reduced version of a capsule wardrobe – the minimum number of items you need to make various outfits. However, you don’t need to go radical like that with your kid’s clothes. Start with creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler, and then minimize it according to your needs and preferences. 

Why is a capsule wardrobe a great thing?

There are several reasons why you should go for a capsule wardrobe for your child’s clothes. You can count on:

  • less time to pick outfits;

  • less laundry time – probably the most significant advantage for all moms out there;

  • saving money – fewer clothes means you spend  less money for purchasing and washing the clothes;

  • dads can finally dress the kid without having trouble putting an outfit together;

  • more space in your home – fewer clothes means more room for other, more useful items, and clutter-free home.

All of these will simplify your everyday routine, especially with the toddlers who stain clothes a lot and need to be changed frequently.

How to make a toddler capsule wardrobe?

Now, let’s go through a few easy steps of creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler and some helpful tips to keep it simple and tidy.

Pick the right time

Timing is a crucial step in efficient wardrobe making. It would be best if you started making a capsule wardrobe at the time when your kid needs new clothes. That's usually between the seasons or when the kid needs a new size. This is a perfect moment for such changes, as you need to buy new clothes anyway.

Decide on the number of clothes 

As we have mentioned, a capsule wardrobe doesn't necessarily mean a small closet. The term is different from the minimal wardrobe, and you can create a capsule wardrobe as ample as you want. However, it's best to keep your options minimal and choose around 5-7 items of each piece of everyday clothing. This includes tops, bottoms, undershirts, socks, underwear. When it comes to special items such as elegant outfits, rain boots, thick winter jackets, etc., you should keep these numbers minimal, meaning one or two pieces. It’s best to focus on comfortable everyday items, as there are casual tees that will make your kid look adorable without making them feel uncomfortable.

Bonus tip: as you focus on everyday clothes, you shouldn't forget seasonal garments either. There are several thrifty ways to spend less money on seasonal items for your kids and have all the necessary goodies for every special occasion.

Choose a favorite brand 

Some more expensive brands indeed offer more high-quality products. However, you should pick your favorite one or two brands according to the style and budget. Furthermore, it’s best to focus on the quality of materials, as organic materials have lots of benefits. These brands don’t need to be expensive but can offer the best quality for your child.  Choosing a favorite brand will make shopping much easier and faster because sizes, colors, and styles vary a lot across brands. That’s why consistent purchases from your favorite brand will help a lot with making a capsule wardrobe and choosing the correct size. 

Pick the theme

Another technique of creating a capsule wardrobe is making a plan in terms of style and theme. Firstly, go for the more comfortable pieces, as toddlers are very active all day long. Next, go for the pieces that are in similar colors, theme, as well as style. This will make the mix-and-match process a lot easier. Having similar items will help you just pick any top and bottom and have a perfect combination

Make a list and stick to it 

After deciding the number of items, styles, and sizes, you will have a list of things you need to purchase. Be sure to stick to your list, and buy everything you need in one or two trips to the store. This will give you a better idea of everything you have purchased, stop you from impulse buying, and save you time. Furthermore, shopping online can also decrease the costs, especially if you get free shipping after buying several pieces of clothing or accessories. 

Maintain the simplicity

We are indeed overwhelmed by the number of choices in all spheres of life, including clothing. That’s the reason why creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler is one step toward a simple, happier life. After making such changes, try to maintain them by being more conscious about your shopping, and save yourself a lot of time and money.

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