Saturday 17 April 2021

Top 5 Products For New Parents

As parents we are going to need to spend thousands of dollars to raise decent little people and there are certain products that just make life easier. As family members of new parents we want to give gifts that will help make a difference in the new parents lives! When searching for these life enhancing products it is best to do your homework to find out if it’s worth it to spend the premium or go with a less expensive version that will do the same thing. 

There are always a million different versions of the same type of product that have different prices fluctuating based on quality and brand name. Brand name does not always make it the best quality so to ensure your not just paying for the brand and getting ripped off take a look at the reviews and find out what other people have thought. These are some of the most sought after products of new parents:

Every new parent wants a stroller to be able to take their new bundle of joy for walks on the town. A stroller is perfect for grocery shopping, walks to help lose that baby weight, exciting adventures at the park, and vacations that will be so much easier not having to carry your new baby the whole time. When looking for this product think about the terrain you will be taking and the activities you will be doing to help you decide which is best. Some have bigger wheels for tough terrain and some are simply meant for easy walks on paved areas. 

A playpen is perfect for your new baby to nap wherever they may be. You can take them to hotels, family gatherings, camping and more. Some playpens come with covers on the sides and the top to keep it nice and shady if your out in the sun. Others come with a smaller section that can be taken off the top that is to be used as a changing table. Playpens are very versatile and you can find them in a wide variety of colours, and styles to suit your lifestyle! 

Baby Carrier
Depending on your lifestyle a baby carrier that can strap your baby to your chest or back may open your life up to all kinds of adventures. You can go hiking, fishing, hunting, and on long walks without the use of a stroller. A baby carrier can be very helpful if you have a clingy baby and they simply feel the need to be next to you at all times, it isn’t always best to give in to those behaviours but sometimes that’s the only way to get through a get together, family picnic, or bbq at the neighbours without ripping your hair out. 

Clothing is a must have for babies but don’t make the mistake of buying outfits that can be constricting. Babies are very active even when they are tiny they like to move their arms and legs freely without being squished. There are a vast selection of adorable outfits that are quite fashionable for photo shoots but not practical for everyday use. Remember they grow so fast and get messy all day long so try getting as many onesies and simple tops with sweats or leggings as possible for simple changes throughout the day. 

Cribs & Bassinets
Sleeping is one of your babies longest activities for up to a year, they will be needing a comfortable spot to do so for many hours throughout the day. A bassinet is a great item to have next to your bed for the first few months for frequent feedings. After they begin rolling over it is time to get them into their crib so they remain safely in place throughout the whole night. There are ultra fancy cribs made simply for their look rather that their functionality so if your not looking for the prettiest one just find the sturdiest one to get some rest, your going to need it! You can find everything you need from and get it delivered straight to your door! 

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