5 Pieces Of Furniture You Can Upcycle To Make Money

We are all trying to find ways to make extra money these days, and if you are a creative person with a flair for decor it may be worth your time to start scanning the local thrift stores for old furniture pieces you can recreate and upcycle into gorgeous new items! All it takes is an eye for a unique piece that could use a new paint job, new handles and other hardware and you can turn it into a real treasure. 

These pieces are the most sought after and can make you a decent profit if you choose to start upcycling furniture. 

Everyone needs a nice dresser and people love the look of antique drawers to stash their belongings. You can find so many options already styled for you in a furniture store. But if you feel like customizing your own piece you can start from a second hand model and make it your own.

Night Stands
Night stands are a must have in most bedrooms and can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Some people like bright and flashy colours while other like the distressed look. Whichever they choose you can create it all in the comfort of your home.

Bed Frames & Headboards
There are a number of options available for bed frame and headboard options and you can really create an amazing look and feel with very simple items. The look of plush is always a winner in the modern home, others prefer barn wood and simple stain but whatever they choose it turns out to be simply beautiful. 

Coffee Tables 
Coffee tables are usually a common area to gather within the living room. You can choose ones with multiple drawers and nifty little cubbies or a simple table design with nothing more than legs and a top. People have begun creating resin tables that are out of this world, they can be a learning process but the end result is amazing. 

Chests & Antique Pieces
Hope chests, sewing tables, kitchen pieces and more are such an amazing way to restore historic pieces found in our grandmothers homes. You can recreate and redesign these pieces to become stunning new styles and bring out the true beauty of their old fashioned memories. 

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