Thursday 13 May 2021

Top 3 Reasons To Perform A Security Audit Of Your Home

Crime rates have been jumping in more and more cities and it has been a shocking way to discover how unprepared we are for an emergency or a crime committed against us. People are being robbed, homes are being broken into, cars are being stolen and many of these things are avoidable! If you live in a city with a high crime rate it may be time to perform a security audit on your home and fix things up with the help of a locksmith Ottawa. 

Here are 3 reasons you need to perform an audit and secure your home and protect your family! 

Your locks are outdated or not being used enough. Believe it or not just because your door locks doesn’t mean your safe. If you live with teenagers that frequently forget to lock the door when they leave or go in and out at night leaving your door wide open for intruders it may be time to upgrade to a tech product. They have created locks that can be used with your phone and let’s face it teens are already on them all the time so let’s tie this into play and I bet they remember to lock the door. 

You don’t have camera or alarms! 
There are very affordable options available for cameras and security systems so there is no excuse not to have them. Cameras not only scare away certain jumpy criminals but can provide proof when something bad happens and you need to contact the police or insurance company after a crime is committed. An alarm system can definitely scare aware criminals of all types as they usually alert the authorities making the crime reported even when you are not there. 

You leave your vehicle unlocked. 
I have actually done this and had my vehicle raided by thieves before. You go out to the car or come home late and forget to push the lock button, it happens and we are not perfect but stop leaving valuables in your cars! When I was robbed from leaving my door unlocked all they got was some change and a fabric garbage can because I don’t leave things in my vehicle overnight. Too many stories have surfaced where people have had computers, wallets, phones and even firearms stolen from their vehicles. If they are worth that much don’t make it that easy, mistakes will be made your doors could be left unlocked so leave it empty so the thieves get nothing even if they can get in! 

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