Friday 14 May 2021

Spring Safety Tips For Your Family

Spring is a great time to venture outdoors, spend time in nature, and enjoy local attractions. However, there are also specific hazards that you'll need to be mindful of as you head outside. Whether you're teaching your children how to socialize appropriately with your friend's dog or reminding everyone to wear sunscreen, it's important to keep Spring safety in mind. This can help keep everyone comfortable and eliminate the need for future trips to the doctor's office for treatment.

As your family enjoys time outdoors this Spring, pay careful attention to these safety tips:

Be Careful With Others' Animals

As you begin to visit parks, friends' homes, and outdoor areas, your children will almost definitely encounter other family's dogs and cats. This is a great opportunity for gentle play and socialization, but it's also important to spend time learning to be careful around others' pets and learning about body language. According to the CDC, over 4 million Americans are bitten every year by dogs, and 2 million of these bite victims are children. Spend some time teaching your children how to be careful with your friends' pets, and explain to them how to approach a friendly animal. In addition, explain to them that not all dogs and cats are friendly and that they shouldn't try to pet an animal unless its owner gives them permission.

Apply Sunscreen Regularly

Sunburns can be painful and can dramatically increase an individual's chance of contracting skin cancer later in life. Applying a sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher regularly can help prevent burns, keeping your children safe and comfortable as they play outdoors this Spring. If they'll be playing near sand and water, be sure to select a sunscreen that's water-resistant, and reapply frequently according to the directions on the package. Setting a timer on your phone is a great way to make sure that you're applying sunscreen frequently enough, and you may want to take a small plastic container to measure out appropriate amounts.

If Someone is Sick, Try to Keep Them Separate From Everyone Else

Most illnesses spread through bacteria and viruses on the hands or skin, or through aerosol droplets in the air. Signs that someone is sick include a cough, sneezing, or a fever, with a normal fever ranging from 100.4 degrees F and 104 degrees F. If someone in your family is sick, be sure to isolate them from everyone else so that they don't spread illness. This can help keep the other members of your family well, and can also help keep your friends and loved ones from getting sick, as well.

Practice Water Safety

If you'll be around water, be sure to practice water safety techniques. An adult should be assigned to watch the children at all times, and proper flotation devices should be utilized by those who don't know how to swim. In addition, be sure to schedule regular breaks, so that no one is overly tired. Make sure that adults understand that drowning is not a loud process and that someone present knows basic CPR. Water accidents are not always preventable, but following these tips can help keep everyone safe while spending time outdoors this year.

Drive Smart

As you go on Spring adventures, keep in mind that there are around 5.5 million car accidents annually in the U.S. This makes it especially important to drive safely. Prepare carefully for your trip, and make sure that you check your car's mechanical systems before hitting the road. Avoid distracted driving, driving while tired, or driving under the influence. Operating a motor vehicle has numerous opportunities for accidental injury, so driving smart can help keep everyone safe.

Avoiding health and safety issues can help you save money on medical bills or repair costs, so it is a smart budgeting technique on top of being the best choice for your family's wellbeing. Keep these tips in mind and you can have a happy, healthy, and safe spring.

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