Wednesday 26 May 2021

How Moving Homes Can Affect A Child’s Sleep

Moving house is tough on everyone, but there comes a time where there is no other option but to move, especially if your family is getting bigger and you need more room. Some children have problems sleeping in their own beds. So you can only imagine what can happen when you move to a new home. Moving homes can affect a child’s sleep but don't get discouraged. There are a couple of things you can do to help them.

What to do if moving homes affect a child’s sleep

If you are moving this summer with your kids, here are a couple of tips for you. They will help your kids stay busy and mentally healthy while you are taking care of the relocation process or what's left of it. This will also help them not to think that much about the relocation and be tired so that they fall asleep more easily. Don't be surprised if your toddlers do not want to sleep in their new bed or have nightmares in the beginning. They will miss their old rooms. Also, we know that children have vivid imaginations, so they may have nightmares. If you keep in mind that moving homes can affect a child's sleep, you can do something to help them get over it. For example, be sure to make them a part of the process and explain what is happing and why. If necessary, let them sleep with you for the first couple of days. It will help them see that the new home is not scary.

Toddlers sitting on the floor and playing When moving with toddlers, be sure to explain to them what is happening and why. So the process will not confuse them.

Alt: Toddlers sitting on the floor and playing

The effect on the smallest ones

Moving with toddlers is never an easy endeavor. More than that, handling this complicated process with a kid can be stressful for new parents. But by implementing a few tips and tricks, you should not have any problems moving. For example, you should pack the nursery the last and try not to disturb their routine as much as possible. That way, they will not feel the relocating process that much. Also, sticking to your toddler's routine will minimize the chance that moving will affect their sleep.

Cute baby sleeping in their new homeThe biggest tip for you when it comes to your baby's sleep is to stick to their routine as much as possible.

Alt: Cute baby sleeping in their new home, symbolizing how moving homes can affect a child’s sleep

Moving can also affect teenagers

Teenagers can also be affected by moving because they are leaving their friends and school behind. Saying goodbye to everything they know can cause them anxiety. It may also cause some depressive feelings, due to which they may have trouble sleeping. Therefore, you must keep an eye on these signals and help your kid feel more at home. You can let them decorate their room any way they want. And remember, it is possible to transform a teenager’s room without breaking the bank

Moreover, you must show your kid that you are doing your best to help them feel at home. Talk to them to understand how they feel and find out what would help them be more comfortable in the new house. Of course, give them some time to adjust. Sometimes time fixes everything.

Teenager listening to music to relax because they are moving homes Teenagers are already dealing with a lot of emotions. So be careful and talk to them to see what they need to feel comfortable while relocating.

Alt: Teenager listening to music to relax because they are moving homes

Moving will be difficult for everyone

Moving house is difficult for everyone. It will take time to adapt to the new environment. Spending time with your kids, playing games, setting up in your new home, and decorating will help. Also, once you begin cooking in your new kitchen, your new house will start feeling like home. And you can involve your kids in the food preparation. You can do this from a young age, as kids like to feel helpful. And not only that, but it will also be a fun and stimulating activity that will ease the effect of the moving. On top of that, you will set the base for a skill they will use and need later in life. 

Be sure to set their bedrooms as a sleeping environment

If your kids are having trouble sleeping in their rooms even after you gave them some time to adjust, you may want to consider removing their toys and other distractors from their bedrooms. It will not be a form of punishment but an effort to associate their new room only with sleeping, with nothing to grab their attention and keep them awake. You can do that while the kids are not at home, while they are out playing, or at school. Only leave the necessary items and a plush toy or a blanket they are used to sleeping with. 

Don't forget to plan your budget when moving homes

If you don't know how much your move will cost you, you can always get a free moving quote by simply filling up a form. As moving experts from Po's Moving & Storage advise, you should anticipate moving expenses ahead so you can plan your budget accordingly. This will help you know how much money you will have left and plan what you can do with it. For example, you can treat your children with something to ease the blow of the change they are experiencing. 

Moving homes can affect a child’s sleep, but you can handle it!

Unfortunately, in some cases moving homes can affect a child's sleep. However, there are always ways to help your kid deal with the changes. Always set some time to talk to them and never fail to tuck them in at night. Also, a bedtime story is never a bad idea, and your child will benefit from that time in more ways than one.

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