Tuesday 29 June 2021

Five Lighting Techniques to Keep Your Home Safe at Night

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There are multiple ways and options to approach home security lighting, which has improved many homes' security. Home security lighting control contributes to keeping thieves away from your home and not target it for break-ins. A sound home lighting system is aimed to deter any possible trespassers and provide a vision for you should anyone try to break in. From lighting your home's entryways, backyard, and around, here are five techniques you can use to help keep your home safe at all times.                       

Motion Sensors Aren't Always the Answer

Many people favor motion sensor lights and deem them the best security lighting system for security. Although motion sensors are built to illuminate once an intruder or a motion is detected, this type is system is best for saving a bit of capital. The purpose of security lighting is meant to allow you to see trespassers and deter them before they even try breaking in. The disadvantage of motion sensor lights is that they illuminate once motion is detected, and by this time, an intruder could well be on your property. 


In many cases, motion sensor lights fail to deter intruders because once they are on your property, they have planned and committed to robbing your home. As an alternative for exterior lighting, homes should be well lit throughout the night; that way, possible intruders have no headway into your property, and most like a pass to the next victim, with little to no lighting systems.   

Create Rings of Security

We all agree that security lighting should keep trespassers away, however, should any unwanted guests try to enter the property, you want to know. Creating both security and great lighting aesthetics, illuminate your property with landscape lighting. This kind of light extends the reach of your sight, as close to the edge of the property as possible. You want good visual depth when looking outside your window, and landscape rings of light eliminate any dark pocket that can be used as hiding spots.  

Be Mindful of the Neighbors

As powerful floodlights can be, they are not suitable for home security when you live with neighbors; however, they are perfect for sports fields and courts. If you have had this kind of experience as a neighbor, you will understand how annoying and distracting it is to have a bright light shining through your windows. Your home security lighting can give you good vision and look tasteful without negatively affecting your neighbors. Using shrouds as shields focuses the light at your property, and these can be adjusted to the edge of your property fence.  

Functional Task Lighting 

Serving a dual purpose, task lighting you see any trespassers and helps you see your way when walking at night. To avoid any trip hazards, down lighting brings ambiance while showing you where to go on the pathway. The most significant advantage of downlights is reflecting moving shadows from outside your windows. Without a doubt, task lighting adds beauty to the, while playing a security role.  

Light Your Entryways

You may be wondering where your home's weakest point is, as, in many homes, the entryway is where most incidents occur. Soft targets in this vicinity are usually the back or side door to your garage. Keep all entrances around your property well-lit to prevent security incidents. Remember, a burglar's task is to break in, steal and leave without being noticed; a well-lit entryway, all the way to the door, becomes a no-go area for them.  


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