Monday 26 July 2021

10 Ways to Design a Luxury Home without Blowing Your Budget


Looking to update your old house can either be due to you planning to sell it or simply wanting to switch to a better lifestyle. However, the idea of designing a luxury home can scare your budget-conscious self out of wit. Fortunately, some ways can make your house look luxurious without costing you an arm and a leg. So, if you’re ready to give your house a major makeover, we’ve got you covered!

Following are 11 ways that can help you design your luxury home without blowing your budget. Let’s dive in!

1)      Add A Decorative Touch With Trendy Rugs

Rugs are often used generation after generation, making them cost-effective and budget-friendly. Laying out trendy rugs is a great idea to layer your home. Not only do they give your home the much-needed ‘wow’ factor, but they also make your rooms look bigger. The only trick is to put a relatively larger rug under the furniture to give the floor a spacious look, and you can see the change for yourself.


2)      Give Life To Your Backyard

Landscaping your backyard during your home remodeling is crucial. Why? Because not only does it adds value to your house, it can also prove to be low maintenance if done correctly. You can save yourself from spending those extra pennies by hiring professionals who’re capable of designing your backyard to fit both your lifestyle and budget. You can even find these services online, according to your location. For example, if you’re residing in Atlanta, try searching for the term backyard landscape design Atlanta GA on Google to find the best landscaping services at reasonable rates.


3)      Ditch The Old Pillow Covers

You can remodel a lot of things in your home for a luxury look. Throw pillows are one of them, and while bed pillows should be swapped every 6 months, there is no such rule for throw pillows. They’re just there to add a little extra comfort and aesthetic appeal to your couches which is why we suggest you not throw them away. Instead, wash them and cover them with fresh, new pillow covers to enhance the look of your living room while staying on your budget.


4)      Dust Off The Old Artwork

Art is timeless and always in style. Wherever placed, it represents your taste and gives your house a more decadent touch. Plus, it’s not just the art but the frames of the art matter too, since they complete the overall look. So, if the frames are already in good shape, great, but if they’re not, try updating them. Spray paint can do wonders, just by the way.


5)      Make Blueprints For Each Room

A home makeover calls for furniture rearrangement too. Being tight on budget, you won’t want to spend a lot of money during the process. Luckily, if done correctly, this otherwise daunting task can prove to be easy and quite interesting too. Drawing out your ideal furniture arrangement and taking the necessary time to style each room can save a lot of time and money. So, the best way to about it is to use your imagination and chalk out the arrangement before you jump into the renovation process.


6)      Get Creative With Used Items

Going on a shopping spree at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores can prove to be the best choice for designing your luxurious home. These stores have a variety of furniture items that can add to the look of your house at affordable prices. You’d only have to put a little extra effort to make them look good as new, but those efforts would feel worth it once you see the result.


7)      Wake Your Inner Painter

Painting your walls with warm tones can help you in achieving that indulgent look for your house. Not only do warmer tones add a comfortable vibe to the room, but they also make areas look bigger and spacious. However, hiring a professional for this job could go heavy on your pockets but grabbing a roller from your storage won’t. So, grab a roller and show your skills because a penny saved is a penny earned, right?


8)      Clear Up The Mess

A luxurious home is not necessarily the one that has a lot of stuff bombarded everywhere. While a cluttered home steals the appeal of the look, it also hinders the renovation process. If you’ve got a lot of stuff in your home, you’d most likely need to rent a temporary space to store your belongings until the renovation is fully completed. Renting a temporary space would cost you the money you’re trying to save. Therefore, act wisely, and declutter your home to make it look organized and luxurious while also being easy to renovate.


9)      Place Flowers Around Your Place

Adding luxury to your house doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. There are quite a lot of pocket-friendly ways that can elevate the overall look of your house. Take flowers, for instance; they don’t cost too much, but their existence is not only capable of transforming your house into a luxurious one but can also elevate your mood. However, proper arrangement of flowers can make a difference; try arranging the flowers by stem type and then place them into beautiful vintage vases to make the most out of their look.


10)  Fix Those Damages

While bigger changes are more apparent, working on smaller changes is also important. If your home feels tiring, it’s time that you invest a little in updating the fixtures. Consider replacing the drawer handles, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and even kitchen countertops. These small alterations won’t cost you a lot but would add value to your house.



Putting in small efforts would help you transform your dull old house into a luxurious one without being heavy on your pockets. You just have to possess the right sense of style and the willingness to switch to a better lifestyle. So, before jumpstarting your renovation process, don’t forget to skim through these tips!

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