Monday 26 July 2021

What To Do And What To Know When You Are Bit By A Dog

Even the best trained dog can be unpredictable and can bite somebody. You could be used to the dog and still get bitten. Or, you may find yourself in a situation where you are confronted by a strange dog and get bit. No matter who the dog is, it can be quite traumatic to be bitten by a dog. 


If this does happen to you there are things that should be done to make sure that the situation is resolved well. Both for your own well being, but also for the dog and to prevent any further bites from happening to somebody else. In this article, we will go over how to respond when you’ve been bitten by a dog. 


1 - Determine the extent of the injury


If you were simply nipped by a dog, then you likely have a superficial wound. You can likely take care of it yourself when you get to a restroom or your home by washing it well with warm soapy water and then putting on a bandage. In this case, there is no need to call emergency services. 


However, if the bite was more aggressive and it was more like an attack then your wound may be a bit more serious. Any bleeding from the neck or near an artery needs to be taken seriously so call 911 right away. And if the injury is too severe, it is required you should consult a personal injury lawyer here for legal help. If it seems like it is a puncture wound but will stop bleeding after a few minutes, then you can generally treat this yourself at home. 


2 - Get the name and information of the owner


Hopefully the owner of the dog was around when the incident happened. You are going to need their information as the situation will likely escalate. They will be responsible for any medical bills to treat your injury so it is important to know who they are, where they live and how to contact them. 


This information will be requested if you go with Skyview Law a personal injury law firm or any other attorney. Not only will they need it, but you should contact animal control right away and give them the information about the owner. 


3 - Find out if the dog is vaccinated


Rabies are a serious issue and can cause you some health problems if untreated. If the dog has had a rabies vaccine then you are covered. If not then you should make sure to get checked by your doctor.


The dog in question should also be tested if they haven’t been vaccinated for rabies. If there is no owner present, then try to have animal control take control and find out from them if the dog was rabid. 


4 - Will the dog be put down?


You may hesitate to report a dog bite if you are afraid the dog will be put down. It may not be as each situation is different. If the dog attacked unprovoked and needed to be dragged off of you then there is a problem and it may need to be euthanized. If the circumstances were sort of mild or something happened to provoke the dog to bite then it is unlikely to be put down. 


Make sure to report the incident as it is important that the owner take precautions to make sure the dog doesn’t bite again. 



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