Thursday 22 July 2021

All you need to know about the 20 toy rule

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No matter how hard you try to keep your home tidy, this task might be virtually impossible as a parent. At some point controlling the amount of clutter in our households can feel like a full-time job. Toys, trinkets, and all sorts of knick-knacks spread far beyond the playroom. The endless chore of organizing mountains of stuff drains you out of precious time and energy that you could otherwise invest in caring for your family and yourself. The 20 toy rule is an effective strategy for managing your household better. Besides, it will help you develop your kids’ creativity and critical thinking from a young age. Here is what you need to know about this method and how to implement it to your advantage.  

How many toys do your kids really need?

Less clutter means more simplicity and more harmony in our daily lives. More is not always better. But, somehow, we allow our kids to accumulate piles of toys over time without even realizing it. The place gets covered in bits and pieces, and the mere thought of cleaning it is overwhelming. Keeping your living space neat and tidy is a healthy habit for the whole family. Undoubtedly, every kid needs their toys for stimulation and development. But how much is enough?

Toys to kids are mainly a means of escaping from boredom and anxiety. However, as the pile of odds and ends grows, it can be the very reason that causes uneasy feelings. Thus, it is time to make good use of the 20 toy rule. Having fewer toys can be beneficial for your children. And it will help you create a better atmosphere in your home. 

Fewer toys and less clutter in your home is beneficial for your children 

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What is the 20 toy rule? 

Too much of anything will ultimately make you feel overwhelmed. From food to toys, however good they may be, large quantities serve no purpose, apart from creating a mess. The 20 toy rule is a simple and fair solution to keep the playroom and the rest of the house free of clutter. You should let your kids pick 20 of their favorite toys to keep. As for the rest, stash them away.

Depending on your situation, you can tailor the rule of 20 toys to what fits you best. Figuring the ideal storage solutions may be tricky at first. But you can contact the crew from Simplify Valet Storage & Moving to help you find the optimal solution for your needs. You do not have to give the permanent boot to stuff right away. You don't have to move to benefit from storage either. Opt for on-demand valet storage, and keep your space free of clutter. 

Will your kids accept the idea?

Your main concern about putting forward the plan to chop the number of playthings is undoubtedly how your kids will react to it. But remember that no matter their initial reaction, they will come to terms with it. Perhaps they will even feel excited about arranging their collections. It isn't easy to enjoy items that we cannot find in the piles. And out of sight means out of mind, especially for kids. So, they likely have forgotten about many of the pieces that create those piles of mess. You will soon bid farewell to items that do not serve a real purpose. With those out of the way, you will give way to organizing and enjoying lots of DIY activities that will bust the boredom and help you create a better connection with your kids without the jumble separating you. 

Children will appreciate the 20 toy rule, too, as it means that they will have easy access to toys they love 

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Plan of action to implement the 20 toy rule 

Give your kids a few days to go through their whatnots, and pick 20 pieces each. These are the toys that they will keep and play with. Of course, art supplies such as crayons and blocks should not count towards it. Nor should educational materials like books or sets containing many pieces, such as Legos or puzzles, fall into this category. You can designate plastic containers for these and make a deal with your kids to keep them in any time when they are not playing. 

This will encourage your kids to develop good habits and decision-making abilities. Besides, discovering the joys that a neat organization of their space brings is yet another reason to declutter your home and involve your kids in the process. 

The rule of 20 toys gives you the flexibility to decide the exact rules that work best within your household. Your kids may be particularly attached to their stuffed toys or dolls. You may want to pick a spot for their display instead of storing them away in this case. Such items often hold an emotional value, and passing them on to the next generation is common. Also, factor in the excitement of rediscovering an old toy after a while. At times, your kids get more excited by reuniting with an old familiar toy than getting a new one. Hence, before you make a final decision of tossing, selling, or donating the seemingly outgrown or no longer valuable playthings, put them in storage. 

Packing toys for storage 

Some toys are more than just playtime props. They can be invaluable mementos with the power of reminding us of our precious childhood days. So, use the 20 playthings rule to create a better ambiance in your home, but treat your kids’ toys like the little treasures they are. 

Thus, after the decluttering team action you have organized, decide which items stay in the house and will be set aside in bins and containers. As much as your space allows, you can use the area under the bed or wardrobes to keep this off the way. However, toys that will be out of action for a while need to find their safekeeping place too. And you will need to give some attention to packing toys for storage. So, store and organize them properly like you would if you were moving. Refrain from getting rid of items that your kids play with, as you may have second thoughts about it later on. Instead, keep them safely in storage, and allow yourself time to make the right decisions. 

Keep your kids’ excess toys safe, and benefit from the conveniences of a valet storage

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Use the 20 toy rule to your kids’ advantage 

A living space free of clutter has a positive impact on your kids. With fewer things consuming their attention, they get the chance to develop their social skills and overall personal abilities. The rule of keeping 20 toys in the house also allows you to instill practicality into your children's character. Make a point to communicate with your kids and explain to them your actions. Awaken the team spirit in your family, regularly sell or donate things you do not need in your household. 

In summary, a tidy home will enable you and your family to enjoy things you have better. The 20 toy rule is a tool that will help you create a better living environment and save precious time, energy, and effort. 

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