Wednesday 14 July 2021

Healthy habits for the whole family

The modern lifestyle has many benefits. However, it can negatively affect our health. Inactivity, unhealthy foods all around us, and new technologies increase the need for a healthier lifestyle. Implementing healthy habits is much easier when you’re doing them with somebody. As a team, you will motivate each other and make sure you keep going. Your entire family can make some changes to improve health and keep your children busy, too. Here are some easy healthy habits for the whole family.

Know why you are doing this 

It is essential to be aware of the benefits of implementing certain healthy habits. The reason why you're doing this and a goal will make sure you stay motivated. Furthermore, we should also remember that health means both body and mind. That’s why our tips will include advice for physical and mental health. 

Keep a healthy atmosphere in your home 

To be able to function properly, be sure that your family communicates about problems and issues. Family love should be based on trust and forgiveness, so other aspects of your everyday life can go smoothly and stress-free. Teach your children to let go of grudges, and communicate with you whenever there’s a problem. 

Replace snacks with a healthier option 

Family time watching TV is best with some snacks around. However, this can be pretty bad for the health of your family. Try to replace them with a better alternative, rather than canceling them for good. Try having air-popped popcorn, homemade pizzas, fruit, nuts, etc. Place them in interesting bowls to make it more fun for the kids and have an unforgettable movie night!

Regular exercise 

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can try an alternative with your kids. Exercising can be one of the healthy habits for the whole family. Include family playtimes a couple of days a week. That way, you can mix both play and workouts. Have tournaments in jumping jacks or planks, or think of some other active games the whole family can enjoy. You will not only exercise regularly but make it a lot easier and more fun too. Experts from say that having fun helps immensely with maintaining a regular fitness routine. 

Change the way you eat food 

The way we eat our food is as important as the quality of the food we eat. So, do your best to eat more slowly and have more meals together. Minimize the number of 'on the go' meals so that you can taste and chew your food. Also, family meals are precious bonding time. Finally, try to make healthy portions for every family member. Instead of putting a whole bowl of pasta on the table, manage amounts for everybody.

Don’t skip breakfast

Even though mornings can be busy with parents running to work and kids going to school, try not to skip breakfast. It’s one of the healthy habits for the whole family that will prevent you from overeating later in the day and give everybody energy to start their daily tasks. 

healthy breakfast bowls

It’s not difficult to eat a healthy breakfast – make it a family routine you never skip!

Have regular sleep times 

The time we go to bed and get up can affect our energy levels throughout the day. Also, regular bedtimes give children a good example of time management. Surely, you can make an exception for a late-night movie at weekends, but try to stick to a sleeping schedule as much as possible. 

a baby yawning

Sleep is crucial for our health – make sure everyone goes o bed early and has regular sleep cycles.

Tidying up the house 

One of the habits that will keep the home organized and clean is teaching everybody to tidy up on the go. Everybody should make their bed in the morning and tidy up the things they use during the day. Also, once they have finished their meal, they can take the plate to the sink or put it in the washer. Finally, house chores should be everybody's responsibility. Make a weekly schedule with the duties, and to keep the kids motivated, offer a prize at the end of each week or month. These habits have long-term benefits, as they teach kids responsibility and help them be independent once they leave the family home. 

Brushing teeth 

Mouth hygiene is paramount, but kids often forget to do it regularly. Make this a family habit, so nobody fails to do it. You can also use music to make it more fun. Every night, pick a song that will play while you’re brushing your teeth

Spend more time outside 

Modern lifestyle makes people spend more time in homes and offices, attached to new technologies. However, spending time outside is precious for our physical and mental health. It is vital for children, as more kids nowadays have weight issues and weak bones. Bone health is often taken for granted, and many parents and kids have trouble with it later on. Luckily, you can prevent this with proper nutrition, calcium-rich foods, and physical activity. Kids love spending time outside, so you should invest in bikes and go out to explore nearby nature spots and attractions. It will be a great way to be active but also have some quality family time.

a family riding bikes as one of the healthy habits for the whole family

Regular outings should be one of the healthy habits for the whole family. alt.tag:

Insist on safety 

Even though many people skip this, it is important to insist on safety during family adventures. This includes wearing sunscreen and hats on the beach, a protective helmet, elbow pads while cycling, etc. Teaching your kids to stay safe is critical and will keep them healthy in situations when they're not with you. 

Learn how to manage finances 

Money is a part of our daily lives. Even though you think it’s too early for kids to start dealing with it, that might not be the truth. Once they learn numbers, your kids should have an idea of money, cheap and expensive, and more importantly – priorities and unnecessary items. Managing your family budget with your children included will make them feel involved and proud and help them better handle finances in the future. Also, you should introduce the concept of earning pocket money at the earliest stage, so kids can learn that it's great to work for your money and spend it the way you want it. 

Remember, introducing healthy habits for the whole family will not be efficient if you don't practice it yourself. Parents are role models for their children, so they need to teach them by giving examples.

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