Friday 9 July 2021

Anti anxiety pillow that changes lives!

As a woman who has had her husband go off for long work trips I know the feeling of being lonely and needing the comfort of a heartbeat and a warm hug. I know many other people who do not do well on their own and have anxiety in many situations. This amazing fuzzy pillow with an included heart beat and warm pack is the perfect solution. Add a touch of your lovers favourite cologne or perfume and you are set!

Lurera mimics the tactile touch of a pet or another human being. We know that tactile touch leads to a significantly lower level of anxiety, and that is why Lurera was born, to provide these mental health benefits for people who can’t get a pet or lack human touch. As a brand, they want to dedicate themselves to supporting people who are experiencing anxiety, depression or even just loneliness.


Jennifer Lowthian, Founder of Lurera, noticed that her son was developing mental health challenges when he was 14. She tried everything to help him – talk therapy, light therapy, exercise, vitamins, probiotics, medication, but it wasn’t until she got him a support dog – a puppy they named Lurera – that he started feeling better. The name Lurera comes from an Irish lullaby she used to sing to him when he was a baby. She brought joy to his life again, and even though she is full of energy, she helps him manage his depression and anxiousness just by being warm and snuggly.

As Jennifer watched her son snuggle and pet Lurera, she wondered how many people are yearning for a touch from other living beings. A quick search revealed that there is a health symptom called “touch starved.” The number of people experiencing this phenomenon has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jennifer then saw a report about two nurses in Brazil who wanted to help their COVID-19 patients who were forced into isolation to feel more comfortable. To mimic the human touch, they filled latex gloves with warm water and put them into the hands of the patients. The patients were comforted “as if someone were holding hands with them.” They called the method “little hands of love.” The wheels began to spin, Jennifer knew she wanted to help people that couldn’t have a therapy pet and/or have been in isolation from the pandemic, and with that the Lurera anti-anxiety pillow was born. 


Everything about Lurera pillow is designed to calm and comfort: 

  • Extremely soft cozy cover to feel the tactile touch.

  • Heating pad to provide warmth.

  • Heartbeat to mimic a living being.

How Lurera Pillow works: 

  • You feel the tactile touch. Using all the 3 features at once gives you the sensation of touching a pet or another animal.

  • It's simple to use. There are a lot of amazing ways one can improve their anxiety, like eating right, exercising regularly, and mindfulness practices. With the pandemic outside the door, endless zoom calls, work stress, those routines can be challenging to maintain. Especially if you are trying to convince a child or teenager to do it. The device requires very low effort, something you could use while watching TV or reading a book. 

Benefits of Lurera Pillow:

  • Reduced anxiety. The tactile touch lowers the level of anxiety.

  • Immediate comfort. The device is easily accessible to provide comfort and requires no effort.

  • Aesthetic pleasure. Looks great on a couch or bed. 

    To be one of the first to experience this calming, therapeutic pillow,  visit their Kickstarter page.

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