Thursday 8 July 2021

Top 5 Savings Tips To Take Away From The Show So Freaking Cheap

I absolutely fell in love with the TV show extreme cheapskates when it first came out. I have watched them again and again and thought to myself, wow these people have some really neat ideas! You work your whole life to retire in your 60’s and then continue to live on a budget after to ensure you have enough money until you pass. This sad fact just seems like a sad way to spend life. When you work so hard you should be able to retire early in life and enjoy many more years, well if your frugal when your young you can do exactly that! So what are the best tips to take away from the new show “So Freaking Cheap!” Read on to find out! 

1. Save on your utilities any way you can! You are literally flushing money down the toilet when your not careful of your spending on your utilities! Teach your kids to only flush when they take a poop and not every time they pee. This will save you a bundle on your water bill. Unplugging electronics when not in use can cut your bill by quite a bit  and it’s not an extreme annoyance each and every time. You could try turning off the breaker but that can be quite extreme, just start by unplugging and see where you end up! 

2. Pay using cash! Paying with cash is a great way to avoid overspending. It feels different physically and mentally when watching the cash slip through your fingers then it does to swipe a card and go on your way. You don’t have to use coins for everything like some of the cheapskates do but try using cash over card and see how it makes you feel. The sight of losing that money may make you rethink your spending habits!

3. Use and collect free items you need whenever possible. Driving down the street and seeing a dresser with a sign that marks free is a great advantage to saving money! If you need it take it, if not leave it for someone who does. I have found dressers, desks, small TVs, and more just sitting on the side of the road. You do not need to start dumpster diving to save money there are lots of great free items on Facebook marketplace as well! 

4. Make your money work for you! Track where your money is going, how it needs to be spent each month and find savings in unique ways. I absolutely love the app Ampli as it gives me cash back on tons of different purchases every month by tracking my spending on my RBC bank card! You don’t need to clip coupons or try to save it just happens automatically. You don’t have to hide money from your spouse and family or give your partner an allowance but you should try to save and get money back where you can! 

5. Eat leftovers and stop wasting food. It is disgusting how much food we waste as a society! Make sure you are teaching your kids the value of food and the need to save leftovers and unwanted dishes. You don’t have to go crazy and pay with coins or go on a coupon frenzy just stop wasting what you buy. Freeze it, wrap it or eat it the next day and you will begin to see the savings fast! 

Extreme Cheapskates and So Freaking Cheap have inspired me to save more just on a more sane scale. They have a lot of amazing ideas so look into it and see if you can stretch your dollar and keep more of your hard earned cash! 

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