Thursday 15 July 2021

How to Help Neighbors During a Time of Need

Nearly 30% of Americans live on a paycheck that is barely enough to cover their rent and basic necessities and thus need the support of their neighbors. Checking in with your neighbor is essential in good and bad times as it does good. Here are exceptional ideas on how to help your neighbor in times of need.

Acts of Service

Show love to a needy family by doing acts of service. For instance, sick people and the elderly may have a hard time with some tasks. Check in to see if anyone needs help to take the trash to the curb and back, walking their dog, getting the morning newspaper and mail, or do yard maintenance. Water damage can be messy and a costly affair. Each day, nearly 14,000 Americans experience water damage at work or home. If you are familiar with the different water damage, you can help a needy neighbor by looking regularly and maintaining their equipment to prevent losses. Also, you can help them get compensation if the standard home insurance policy covers them.

Share Resources

Nearly 30% of Americans have bad credit scores. This, coupled with the pandemic, has made it hard for them to afford some necessities. Share any items that are in excess since there is a family that might be in need. You can share things like toilet rolls or make a care package for specific items. You could also come up with an idea of a free pantry where neighbors can drop and take food items. Also, set up a drive for clothing and toys.

Staying Connected

You can use various ways to start a conversation· Technology has made it easy for people to hold conversations from anywhere. You can use apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, zoom, Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or other apps that allow you to talk with others through video calls. Calling or texting. You can call a needy neighbor or send them a text. Your kids, too, can call to check on their friends. Also, you can visit them and be ready to listen to whatever they have to say. Ask your neighbors what they need. People need help with running errands and keeping their yard clean. Whichever method you use, try to check in regularly with your neighbors to ensure they are doing well and offer to help where you can.


You can start carpooling with a needy family. Your kids can share a ride to and from school. Also, you can share rides with a neighbor who works in the same complex or area as you. It will help in saving money, time and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles.

Plan a Playdate or Fun Neighborhood Event

If you have kids, you can help take the load off your working neighbor by watching their children from time to time. Alternating playdates are good for children. They also up your time and that of your neighbors. Organizing fundraising events involving your neighbors is a fun way to connect apart from supporting a good cause. You can host a benefit dance, throw a simple dinner party or host a barbecue. You can use the money to buy basic items like food, baby formula, shampoo, soap, or school supplies for the kids from a needy family before the schools open. Also, the money could help with fixing a hazardous sinkhole, help someone rebuild, or donate a new roof.

From time to time, families need some extra help when going through hard times. They might lack food, clothing, education, shelter, or healthcare. You can help a needy family by donating simple pieces of stuff or putting up a donation drive.

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