Tuesday 26 October 2021

6 Jewelry Organizing Tips to Ensure Your Sparkling Accessories Don’t Get Mixed Up


Are you looking for a way to elevate your outfit? Jewelry is the answer! It is the easiest way to enhance your look with minimum effort and make you look fashionable. Even a casual outfit with chic jewelry can look good enough for a party. For any occasion, you need to find the right clothes and accessories that compliment your look. However, if your jewelry is unorganized, you will never be able to find what you need. You’ll just end up compromising on your entire look.  

At times, many people are careless about how they store their jewelry. What they do not understand is that it requires proper organizing and storing. If you mishandle it, the pieces will get ruined. You cannot simply pile all your jewelry together! You need to carefully separate different pieces in different compartments to prevent them from tangling. If organizing and de-cluttering are stressful for you, this article will be a lifesaver. Below we will talk about six ways you can easily organize your jewelry, so they do not get mixed up. 


1.      Categorize your Jewelry

It’s always a good idea to first categorize and then separate your jewelry. The categories depend on you. You can divide your pieces based on occasion or type. You can sub-categorize too based on everyday wear, formals, casual, etc. Every piece has a different size and shape, which is why you need to sort and store each of them carefully. If you have fancy sterling silver jewelry pieces from a store like Dreamland Jewelry, you will want to protect those delicates and store them separately. For everyday jewelry, you should keep the pieces nearby where you get ready. It will be easier to spot and wear them there and then while you get dressed. It will not only save you time but will prevent any compromising circumstances as well.


2.      Repair or remove pieces

While organizing jewelry, it will be useful to repair defective pieces or remove the damaged ones. Not only will it help in making space and organizing, but it will also keep your accessories in perfect shape. Start by inspecting which piece requires polishing or repairing. You can polish your silver and gold jewelry at home or send it to a professional. If you opt to get it polished from someone, take any broken necklace chains or bracelet hooks you may have and get them repaired too. At home, you can easily clean your rings, crystals, or pearls. You should also check your earrings and replace any missing earring stoppers. Remove any pieces which got ruined, tarnished, and are unfixable from your collection. 


3.      Compartmentalize in your drawers

When it comes to storing accessories, you can keep them in multiple ways. One of these ways is by organizing them in your drawers. The best thing about drawers is that most of them come with different compartments in various sizes. You can sort out your earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in each of the drawer slots. You can pick any drawer in your bedroom or closet for organizing. But you can also get one made if you do not have any available. If you make a new one, opt for shallow drawers as they work the best. You can store your everyday collection in these drawers so that they are easily accessible. To increase storage options, you can also fit compartmentalized or expandable trays and platters inside your drawers.


4.      Organize on countertops

Another way of organizing your jewelry is by making space on countertops. Organizing your bling on countertops helps prevent your pieces from breaking or getting lost. You can keep your jewelry on stackable organizers or boxes. You can even find organizers that have trays and compartments. It will help in storing rings and earrings separately. Whereas, in the top layer, you can keep your necklaces or other jewelry you wear more often. Apart from stacking organizers, you can also use special organizers. Multiple level organizers will make more use of the vertical space where you can store watches and bracelets.


5.      Use walls as organizers

Using walls as organizers is a unique and convenient method. You can hang your necklaces separately to prevent tangles and knots of different pendants. No one likes to find knots in their necklaces, especially if they are super tough to untie. The easiest way to hang your jewelry is by placing hooks or knobs on a wall to showcase the necklaces as art and for convenience. If they are right in front of you, you will most probably wear them more. You can also purchase a wall-mounted hanging organizer for your necklaces. Otherwise, you can also hang the organizer on a closet door or rod.


6.      Safeguard your fancy jewelry

You need to be extra careful when it comes to storing your fancy jewelry. No one wants expensive pieces to get ruined because of carelessness. Storing fine jewelry can be a challenge if you do not know how to care for them. You can store these pieces by keeping them inside special boxes or plastic bags, preventing them from damage. You can also buy custom-made organizer boxes that have felt compartments. This will help keep your pieces protected and safe from sunlight or dust. It will ensure your jewelry is good as new even if you wear them after a very long time. 


Final Thoughts

Organizing and storing jewelry is easier than it seems. If you know the right tips and tricks, it will be a piece of cake. It’s essential to store your jewelry in a place where it is easily visible. Keeping delicate jewelry separate from the more casual ones is necessary too.

You can opt for various organizers for this purpose or use what is already available. You can also store multiple pieces of the same accessories together, such as piling a bunch of rings in one box. No matter what you choose and how you choose to organize, remember to be careful with your fine jewelry. You cannot just bunch them all up together! With the help of these six jewelry organizing tips, your accessories will never get mixed up again.

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