Thursday 21 October 2021

Preparing Your Teen For A House Key

It comes time in every child’s life where they are finally ready for house key privileges, I know scary right. If your a parent to multiple little ones you know this can be a scary time and many things can go wrong if the child is unprepared, forgetful or simply not ready for the challenges that come with growing up. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your child is ready for a house key and ways to prepare for an emergency or accident situation. 

Locking the keys in the house is one of my main concerns as we never have windows or doors unlocked around the house to allow for another easy entry. This is why it is always a good idea to get multiple keys cut and have spares in special places only you guys know about. Don’t just give your child the only house key because they get home before you and expect nothing bad to happen, prepare for the worst or you will be calling reliable locksmith experts in Toronto or wherever you may be from to get you in your home. 

You can always leave keys with friends and family members that are able to help you and your child out of a sticky situation. With a simple phone call or brisk walk to their homes they can have a spare to get in and all is well again. 

Another great way to avoid getting locked out or having lost keys strung about town is to get more tech savvy locks installed in your doors. You can get Bluetooth locks that can be opened from any cell phone or you can get code locks that are easy to use and avoid the key process as well. Just remember to tell your kids the importance of not sharing these codes with anyone even their best friends because friendships change and they may not be their friends forever. 

Take the time to show your child how to lock and unlock the door and take special care to make sure they check to make sure it’s locked before walking away. This may sound like nonsense but I literally had to get my kids to practice over and over due to a key that was sloppily cut and got caught in the lock. Always make them practice safety and ensure they are aware of their surroundings when arriving home alone, you never know who’s watching and waiting to pounce on an innocent teen home alone! 

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