Thursday 21 October 2021

Top 4 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

We never really know what our winters are going to look like, sometimes they are very cold and other times they are very mild. Regardless of what the predictions are this year it is always better to stay warm and comfortable in your home. These are some great ways to stay comfy this year and enjoy the winter months all snug as a bug in a rug! 

1.Renovations were hugely popular this year! Covid hit and people decided to make changes to their homes they have been putting off for years because they never had the time. But did you miss out on the option to install heated floors? Heated floors can change the entire way you heat your home in the winter months. Heated floors installation is quick and easy and can be done in nearly any home. You will always feel warm as the heat rises from your floor and creates a soft warmth from top to bottom! 

2.Bundle Up! If renovations aren’t part of your winter prep than maybe it’s time to just add more fluff to your wardrobe. Sweaters, long sleeve shirts, wooly socks, and warm boots are an amazing way to keep the whole family warm without costing a fortune. Before you think about cranking the heat add another layer and see how it goes. Cranking up the thermostat can increase your power bill substantially over the next few months so to try and save some cash for the holidays rethink your wardrobe first. 

3. Install a smart thermostat that makes adjustments as needed to your home. A smart thermostat can be adjusted from your phone when your not home to cool your home when nobody is there. You can also set it so when everyone is sleeping at night the temperature goes down slightly to create a more comfortable and affordable temperature. Smart thermostats are available for all kinds of heating and cooling systems so don’t be discouraged if your not tech savvy, they are easy to learn and install. 

4. Perform a winter audit on your hone to see where your losing warmth and costing yourself more in heating. There are all types of changes and products available to you to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out depending on where your losing heat. Products like window wraps, weather stripping for doors, adding more insulation to your home, and filling cracks and crevices with caulking are all great ways to tighten up the air flow and keep your home warm. Take a look around and see where you can make improvements this winter! 

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