Thursday 21 October 2021

Tips To Winterized Your Yard & Garden

Winter can be pretty harsh on your yard and garden if precautions are not taken to maintain and protect it. There are some pretty simple tricks you can do to ensure everything in your yard comes back beautiful and healthy when the snow melts in the spring! 

These essential landscaping services before winter can be done by professionals to save you time and ensure they are done right. Blowing out your irrigation is extremely important to ensure your sprinkler systems don’t freeze and blow up all the pipes in the cold winter months. Compost collection and mulching can be done at this time as well, you can use mulch to protect your flower beds and vegetable garden over the next few months. Leaf collection can be a massive chore if you have a yard with lots of trees, hiring someone to do it for you can save you time and ensure you have time for other fun fall activities. 

Think about winterizing your lawn and surrounding foliage. When doing the rest of the yard yourself ensure you cut your lawn to the length you normally have it throughout summer. Leaving the cut grass on the lawn will add some extra nutrients and protection to your grass while it’s covered in snow. Take a look at tree branches around your home and ensure they aren’t going to snap and cause damage during heavy snow falls. Think about how your going to maintain snow removal this year and think about investing in a snow blower or hiring a neighbour kid to shovel for you. 

Winter is a time to enjoy the colder activities and not have to worry about what’s happening to our yards beneath the snow. Take these simple steps listed above before the flakes fly and you will have an easy transition into spring and a gorgeous yard to brag about later on! 

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