Friday 1 October 2021



Home is often the most expensive investment for many people. They want to make it cozy, stylish and embellish it with trendy decorative pieces. Several people adorn their houses with personalized stuff to give it their touch and make it homier. With time, household items often start wearing down, or people get bored looking at the same ambiance. They want to upgrade their lifestyle and renovate the home to make it more in-vogue. However, they often have to curb their desire due to the sky-rocketing rates of home improvement projects and continue living in outdated abodes.

An ideal way to renovate is to search for projects that have long-lasting effects and can offer long-term savings. Some projects seem pricey, but in the long run, they are worth the cost. People must search extensively and invest in projects that serve their purpose and offer savings.

Let us have a look at some savvy and sustainable home improvement projects for long term savings:

1.        Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming a common sight on residential buildings as more people are now opting for solar energy due to its benefits. The long-term benefits and savings that solar panels bring are plentiful. Considering the price, you may be wondering if it is worth investing in solar panels for your home. The truth is it requires a hefty amount upfront and people question its effectiveness, yet it can be the best decision on your end. You will observe a considerable decline in your electricity bills while running numerous electronic appliances. The long-term savings make the investment in solar panels worth it.

Although improvements and advancements in the industry in the past few years have resulted in a reduction in the price of solar panels, the investment is still high. Thus, homeowners search for different ways to further lower the cost, like installments.

2.       Programmable thermostat

Experts recommend people should turn their thermostat down when it is not in use. Switching it off when residents are not home can bring energy-saving down up 10 % a year. People intend to turn it off while leaving home every day in the morning. Still, due to the chaotic schedules, they often forget to do so. You can easily purchase a programmable thermostat and get any regular electrician to install it in your home to reduce your utility bills and make your life easier. A programmable thermostat gives you the option of setting the temperature for a specific period during the day, or you can change the temperature from anywhere at any time simply using your smartphone.

3.       Smart Lights

People can save a lot of money by swapping their existing light bulbs for smart lighting. LED lights do not contain harmful gases and are an easy step towards becoming more energy efficient. Although many people have started making the switch, some are still reluctant to do so.

Often people keep multiple lights on while at home to avoid bumping into furniture. However, this can raise your electricity costs significantly. The solution to this problem is simple, consider installing motion sensor lights. Installing smart lights will allow you greater convenience as you will be able to control the lights in your home while on the go. So if you forget to turn the lights off, you don't have to turn back or worry; just use the app to switch them off. Another benefit of switching to smart lights is that you can schedule the switching on/off of the lights as per your routine. Overall, switching to smart lights throughout the house will result in significant savings. Don’t believe us? Check out for yourself how worthwhile of an investment this is.

4.       Smart Security

Security is becoming a massive concern for many people. Several working parents and individuals have no option but to leave their kids and pets at home alone, with sitters or any available adults while they are out earning a living. Even if you do not have kids or pets, leaving your home empty for extended periods can be a matter of concern for frequent travelers due to the risk of break-ins, robberies and encroachments. Thus, you need to consider installing home security systems. Do not let the installation expense sway your decision, as nothing is more important than your security and the safety of your loved ones. Thanks to technological advancement, multiple home security products are available in the market, so you can easily choose one that suits your needs and fits within budget. Installing a home security system will offer you peace of mind and translate into long-term savings by protecting your belongings and property from any sort of damage.

5.       Tankless Water Heater

People living in colder regions cannot imagine living without a water heater. So they are forced to run their traditional water heaters throughout the day to have hot water available whenever the need arises. Thus, having a conventional water heater in your home is neither practical nor budget-friendly. To be more energy-efficient, you can opt for a tankless water heater as it has s significantly lower energy consumption. It heats water on demand, and you can turn it off immediately after use. In addition, tankless water heaters are long-lasting, unlike conventional heaters that need to be replaced annually or once every two years.

6.       Low-flow Shower Head

In every house, the shower is used multiple times a day, resulting in substantial water consumption. So while doing a home renovation, consider investing in low-flow toilets and showerheads. Since low-flow showerheads technology offers aerated sprays and pressure bursts, you will be consuming much less water without compromising on your shower duration or experience. Low flow showerheads or bathroom fixtures can help you save a good amount of money on your water bill without initially costing you an exuberant amount.


Home renovation can be exhausting and expensive. In today’s world, people witness a constant hike in the cost of living, which is why they have to think twice before indulging in home improvement projects. This does not mean you should not invest in improving your standard of living; instead, it means you should consider your choice of home improvement projects more carefully. Smart people think about the long-term benefits while changing wall treatments, installing trendy cabinets, or refurbishing the floor as these aspects raise property value. Additionally, they consider opting for home improvement projects that promise long-term savings. You can invest in several home improvement projects that offer long-term savings and excellent returns; all you need is to do a little research or simply opt for the projects we have recommended.

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