Friday 1 October 2021

Reasons why kids should have chores


Parenting is filled with constant doubts about whether we’re too strict or too soft with our kids. House chores are something parents automatically do for their young ones. In that manner, they often don’t notice when the moment comes to pass the torch and let the kids do specific tasks on their own. If you're a parent, you should know that letting kids do chores is not only about saving your time. Housework teaches kids so much, and this is the guide to help you understand its importance. Also, we know that sometimes getting your young ones to do specific tasks can be challenging, which is why many parents give up. Read all the reasons why kids should have chores, so you can start implementing some valuable and healthy habits with your loved ones. 

Saving parents some time

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way – kids doing some tasks instead of the parents means more time to do something you like. Even though it takes time to set up those routines, it’s all worth it. If the housework is split between multiple family members, you can expect your house to sparkle much faster. It also means parents will not be as tired and will have enough energy for playing with kids or watching a movie in the evening. 

Skills build confidence 

Doing certain house chores teaches your kids various skills. This is an essential factor in building confidence later in life. If they are independent and know how to do multiple house chores, they will feel much more secure about themselves. So try to show your kids that mastering different skills will help them be independent and self-confident, rather than presenting house chores as tiresome tasks they must do.

Kids should have chores that teach them how to take care of themselves 

One more note on independence – kids doing chores in their childhood will ensure they know how to take care of themselves in the future. So, when the time comes to leave the family nest, they will be ready to cope with the world independently. Even though they might reject chores now, kids often recognize their value later in college. They will notice they have less trouble taking care of their room, laundry, etc., than other kids who might have had all the help during childhood. Kids who did chores in their childhood will take care of their belongings much more efficiently, without asking their parents to help them even after moving out.


Being able to take care of themselves in the future is the reason kids should have chores.

Space management and organization skills

Regular cleaning and decluttering of their room will teach kids how to always live in an organized, mess-free environment. This can be particularly helpful once they decide to move to college, for example. Instead of decluttering their items for days, they'll already have sorted out space they just need to pack into boxes. 

Remember: moving house is the perfect moment to teach your kids some valuable skills they'll undoubtedly need. Decluttering and organization of space are unquestionably one of them. Show them how to maximize their space by removing unnecessary things. Also, renting mobile storage units is an excellent way to deal with excess items in moments such as moving, downsizing, or renovating. Innovative storage options are common in today's world, and there's no reason kids should not know about them. 

Teach them how keeping their room tidy helps your kids in the long run.

Money management 

Giving tips for doing chores is a great motivation for kids to do some work around the house. However, if you make this a routine, your kids will learn to manage their 'income' and save for things they want to buy. This is an early introduction to excellent money management skills that will surely help them out many times in the future. Managing their allowance and recognizing the true value of their work are essential life lessons no kid should skip.

Time organization 

As adults, we often deal with a common problem – lack of time and organization. The reason why kids should do some chores around the house is to learn how to manage their time correctly. Regular assignments, school time, sports, and homework assignments need to be well-managed for them to have enough playtime. This way, kids learn how to organize their day and genuinely value their free time. This will become extremely valuable once they’re in college, but also later in life. 

As their schedules will get busier over the years, learning time management at a young age is essential.


If the whole family is involved in the upkeep of their home, we could say they are a team having a common goal. Kids doing something together with their parents will make them feel like valued members of a team. Their success is the success of the whole family, which makes it even more valuable. This helps kids deal with their school, projects, and work assignments in the future, as they will be able to work together with others and value the work of all the team members. 

Let your kids help you with 

significant life events

Make your children feel helpful and valued during significant life events. For example, relocation to a new home is one such occasion. Family moves can be pretty challenging and overwhelming for parents. That's also one of the reasons why kids should have chores; with their help, you can pack and relocate much faster. Moreover, experienced team members of Zippy Shell DMV suggest you include the kids in the moving process because it will help them accept the changes better and let you take a break a little bit. Thus, include them in the important decisions, pack together, etc. 

When teaching kids about responsibilities and the importance of having chores, it is essential to have patience. More importantly, it would be best to value their opinion, too. Kids are getting smarter these days, so if they suggest another, more practical way to do some tasks – believe them and try their methods. It is a huge factor in gaining their trust and teaching them how to be creative – even with simple housework. 

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