Tuesday 19 October 2021

The Benefits Of Clear Teeth Aligners

Straight teeth and a beautiful sparkling smile have become one of the worlds most sought after looks among the worlds popularity. Whether you are all grown up and looking to make some changes to your teeth you couldn’t make when you were younger or you just got all your grown up teeth and are ready to start fixing them up, there are options available for everyone! So why would someone choose clear teeth aligners over conventional braces? Here are some major reasons to help you make your decision. 

Cost! Traditional braces and orthodontic specialties can cost anywhere from $7000 to $20000 depending on what treatment is needed. If you have just small corrections that need to be made clear aligners can cost way under $5000 and can keep you out of doctors offices for appointment after appointment making adjustments. 

The look! Braces can be a very physical change to a persons face! As young people grow up many of them have braces and they aren’t quite as bothered by it as their peers are already going through the same thing. As adults we tend to look at braces as a distracting piece of medical equipment. When wearing clear teeth aligners you won’t even notice them shaping your smile. They go on smooth, stay on all day and are easy to remove and clean just like a retainer. 

The feel! Braces can be a very uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. They are very scratchy on your lips and gums and can hurt your teeth and jaw when adjustments are made. Unless you require major repair to your mouth and teeth I would highly recommend getting aligners over traditional metal braces. Aligners are made from super comfortable resin materials that are gentle on your teeth and gums and can make the changes you need faster and cheaper than traditional braces! 

All in all if your looking to make changes to your smile your best option is clear aligners  Book your assessment today to find out if your ready for the smile you have always wanted! 

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