Friday 15 October 2021

Moving after separation or divorce?


Separation or divorce is never an easy thing to go through. It's a process that includes many emotional and physical steps – one of them is moving out. This is particularly difficult if you have kids, which is why you need to be prepared. This guide is for those moving after separation or divorce. Tips on how to move out, so you can move on with your life. 

Take legal steps 

Make sure you take care of the legal aspects of your divorce. Get more information on the laws in your state, as they can vary a lot. For example, some states require couples to live separately for a while before filing for divorce. Be sure to investigate these better and consult with a divorce lawyer for more information. 

Don’t put it off

Every separation is difficult, which is why it's better to be quick. If you've made this decision, the process of moving should start as soon as possible. Don't try to put it off and make the situation even more difficult. Schedule your moving date and start preparing right away. Explore the best ways to complete this task in no time, and be as efficient as possible. This way, you will be able to pack your home in a week and be on your way.

Caption: Packing and moving should be quick and easy. 

Should you save the memories you made together?

You're moving out because the relationship between you and your partner didn't work out. That's why you don't need items all over your new home reminding you of that. Get rid of any sentimental items, or at least pack and store them somewhere out of sight. Your pictures, wedding gifts, and other memories will only remind you of failure, which you don't need at the moment. Your new home should symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in life

Caption: Removing the ring is the first step of moving after separation or divorce – get rid of other sentimental items, too. 

Make an inventory s you pack 

Once you get rid of the sentimental things, start packing what's left and try to make an inventory as you go. This will help you see what you need to purchase for the new home. Do this systematically, room by room, so you don't miss anything important. Make a list of things you need and purchase them after the move to reduce the moving fees.

Remember: if you can't decide who gets certain items, try to stay positive and maintain civility as much as possible. Fighting over furniture and similar things is not worth it and can only make the situation worse.

Deal with your kids’ feelings

Depending on the situation, kids may stay in the family home with one parent while the other moves out. Also, they can move with one parent to another house. Whatever you and your parent decide, never forget to pay attention to your kids' feelings. Divorce often has a huge negative impact on children, which is why you should handle their delicate feelings with care. If they are moving with you, try to be positive and include them in the moving process. Be honest and share your plans with them, pack them together, and let them make some decisions, too. 

Hire moving pros to help you out

Now that you're on your own, every kind of help is valuable and appreciated. Ask your friends and family to help you out with packing or taking care of your pet or kids. You could even let deal with heavy boxes and furniture so you can avoid potential damage or injuries. Trusting a reliable team with the tricky part will decrease the levels of relocation stress – particularly important when moving after separation or divorce. 

Caption: It’s not easy to split the household – try to stay positive when moving after separation or divorce. 

Make your new space different

A new chapter in life, new beginnings. Your living space should reflect that, so try to decorate it differently than your previous home. Think about your preferences and pursue some décor ideas you've wanted to for so long. Make the new space your oasis of peace. This will help you stay positive in these difficult times. Also, don't forget it takes time both for you and your kids to adjust to the new environment. But this new environment is also a chance for a new beginning.

Prepare for the moving day 

The big day is finally here, and it can be very emotional and hectic. For that reason, prepare everything you can to make this easier for everybody. Here are some tips for a smooth moving day:

  • Prepare cash – you'll need cash for paying the movers and tipping them. If some other assistants are included, such as cleaners or babysitters, make sure you have money on hand for everybody. Plan your budget carefully, as divorce will impact you financially, too;

  • Don't make any other plans – even though you've planned everything, moving can take more time than you anticipated. You can also be too tired to do anything else, so don't make any other plans on this day, and take a day off from work if possible;

  • Double-check every room before you leave;

  • Pack the essentials in a separate box – you don't need to unpack everything on your first night in the new house. However, you should have all the necessary items on hand, so be sure to pack them separately.

  • Label the boxes for easier unpacking – if you label each box with its contents, you will unpack much faster. Movers can sort the boxes into appropriate rooms so you can unpack with ease

Stay positive 

Don't take moving after separation or divorce as something tragic. Even though this might be a challenging period, it will pass. You will look back and see this as another lesson in life. Try to stay optimistic and look forward to new experiences and people that will come into your life.

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