Monday 25 October 2021

What’s Trending In The Dating Community

Dating has become so different over the last couple of decades. Before technology and covid you could walk up to another person in a bar or on the street and spark up a conversation and start dating in that way. Now you can’t come within 6 feet of another person and sparking up conversation is a lost art with all the texting and emails we have at our fingertips. So what are young people doing to stay afloat in the dating environment? 

Video dates are now one of the safest way to start a relationship. Video dating is popular among singles because you can see the person face to face so there is no risk of getting catfished. You can avoid the awkward situation of trying to stay 6 feet apart on a video chat as well, and you can get an idea of who you are talking to before going out and making plans. Video dating is probably your best option during covid since your not risking getting sick from another human interaction. 

Apps have really come a long way to the dating world. Now you can simply make a profile online and match yourself with others who have similar interests, life goals, religious beliefs, children and many more desirable attributes. There are a vast number of apps available and they all vary on what kind of relationship your looking for. A dating app is a great way to start meeting people and get out of the house. 

Meeting people out in the community is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The best way to use this old school method is to take it slow, be cautious, and use your intuition. Take your time to approach strangers and try to ensure your not putting yourself and others at risk before making a move. Try talking with people you see regularly like at the gym, in a class, at church or in your Facebook friends list. Safely start texting  emailing, and chatting without risks of you do not know the person. Safety is probably the biggest concern when starting to date so take your time and you will be rewarded. 

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