Friday 12 November 2021

Fashion Accessories to Flaunt Your Style In


The past two years have been pretty challenging for the entire world. With persistent lockdowns and isolation led by the global pandemic, most of us haven't been able to show off the latest fashion trends. After all, days and nights were spent at home in comfy Pjs, but as the world is starting to emerge from the confines of our homes, it is time to catch up on the fashion trends.

Fashion experts predict a 'behind the keyboard' trend about a homey and comfortable look. Thus, you would be spotting celebs flaunting joggers, solids, comfort tees, and sweatpants. However, that doesn't mean your outfits have to look dull. You can always make more of a statement by mixing the comfort look with some dazzling fashion accessories. Perhaps, you may flaunt a few pearl earrings and necklaces with a basic black t-shirt.

Similarly, you can style your hair with funky clips, scarfs, and bandanas to make a style statement. Here we are highlighting seven fashion accessories that you can wear in style.

1.       Sleek Bracelets

Believe it or not, there's nothing easier than adding a bracelet on your wrist to make a style statement. Even though it is a simple staple accessory, but it accessorizes the outfit pretty well. Thus, look for some unique and stylish bracelets to find something that represents your style. If you want something cool, classic, and funky, get your hands on Badass Jewelry's new skeleton bracelets and style them with casual outfits. Likewise, you can find sleek designs and beaded bracelets for a more formal look.


2.       Chic Hoop Earrings

Surprisingly, bulky earrings haven't made it to the accessories list in 2022, and that's because women are rooting for chic hoop earrings that match almost every outfit. Hence, get your hands on a few hoop earrings. From jeans and a tee look to a cocktail dress and sandals, hoops finish off a look with eye-catching class. For casual wear, the minimalistic golden and silver hoops would do the job. On the fancier side, you can get your hands on pearly hoops or the one with embellishments.

3.       Stylish Hair Bandanas

No matter how great it feels to let your hair blow with the wind, you have to tie them up at times. However, that doesn't have to be boring because you always style them with a few hair accessories. Lately, bandanas have become a popular summer essential accessory. It elevates your look and gives a pop of color to the entire outfit, reflecting your aura and style. Besides wearing it on your head, you can wrap it around the neck or wrist for an 80's look. 

4.       Chunky Necklaces

As much as everyone loves timid little pieces, chunky necklaces scream your style. You can pair them with floral dresses, work blouses, casual tees, and skater skirts. In addition, you can also wear them on colder days over bulky sweaters. So, grab a few pearls and layered necklaces and flaunt your outfits in style. Remember, chunky necklaces look best with a v-neckline or a strapless top. You can also wear them with collared shirts but without earrings to avoid killing the look.

5.       Trendy Belts

Oversized tops and pants have become a thing – all thanks to bohemian street style. However, this look still needs a tad bit of styling, and for that, you should consider adding a belt. Despite being an underused accessory, it can transform your day-to-day outfits. For inspiration, you can see how Kendall Jenner wore a thin leather belt with high-waisted pleated trousers. The combination of a skinny belt to an oversized look creates a comfy look with structure, contrast, and balance. In addition, you can pair the belts with dresses and maxis to highlight your waist.

6.       Colorful Frames for Sunglasses

Do you wear sunglasses often? These days, sunglasses have become a staple accessory. In addition to protecting the eyes, it can change the look of an entire outfit. Thus, check out different trending shapes and sizes of sunglasses, and get one that suits your face. Also, you can even pamper yourself with a funky pair of colorful sunglasses. Also, make sure the color of frames compliments your skin tone.

7.       Funky Military Boots

Straight from the 90's chunky boots are back in fashion. From Alanis Morrissette to Phoebe Buffay, everyone has been flaunting these boots. You can pair them up with rolled-up boyfriend jeans, flared skirts, or dresses to complete the 'rock' look. Besides this, there are many styles to choose from, such as the grunge look, Spice-Girl-inspired style, etc. These military boots are also super warm, comfortable, and water-resistant.


Final Thoughts

After staying indoors for so long, it is finally time to flaunt all the outfits and accessories. You have to keep your style in mind and create a cool and impactful look with different accessories. If you are not a chunky boots kind of a girl, settle for a pair of hoops. Likewise, look for statement pieces in belts that reflect elegance and grace.

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