Friday 5 November 2021


What an amazing way to remember all the funny things that happen and strange things your kids say over the years. The way we record memories other than photographs hasn’t changed much so we were due for an update! 

I absolutely love this book and I feel it is going to grow in popularity rather quickly, just like time capsules and school work we look back on. These Quotebooks are perfect for everyone on your list this year! 

Quotebook is here! The perfect gift for friends or family, take a look inside Quotebook and explore or featured writing prompts to recreate memories that'll last a lifetime.

For Couples: My wife and I write down all the stuff that we say to make each other laugh.

For Families: Our kids say the darndest things! Our 4-year-old is the most quoted person in the book!

For Friends: Have a college student on a new adventure making new friends? College kids use Quotebook to capture a keepsake snapshot of all the hilarity that doesn't make Instagram.

For Nanas and their grandkids: Give the gift of laughter, and help grandparents capture amazing memories.
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Interview With The Creator Of Quotebook!

What gave you the idea for Quotebook?

1. For some reason I've always liked quotes. My wife and I can just be a bit silly, and so before we were married we were living together in Chicago. She was in medical school and I was starting my career. One night I just decided to write some of these inside joke quotes down. We kept it up on and off, and then when our kids were old enough to start talking we brought it back out and its just kind of taken off within our family.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs like yourself? 

2. The biggest tip is just if you have an idea, just do it. Don't get bogged down in the details, and it doesn't have to be perfect. Get something out there that people can react to and give you feedback on. Just view the entire process as a learning experience. You can start things like this pretty cheaply these days.

What is your best quote or memory you have written down?

3. The best memory is this: 

Me to my wife: "Hey, have you ever been parasailing before?"
My wife: "Yes, I was strapped in next to you the one and only time in your life you've ever been parasailing!"

She gave me a framed picture of us up in the parasail for one of our wedding anniversaries and it sits on the bookshelf behind my desk now.

Did you find it challenging to create a new product? What steps did you take to get started and live your dream? 

4. It can be hard, mainly because it always feels like I'm not making progress fast enough. I'm not good at design really, so I hired a designer on upwork as a first step. He helped pull out the features that I want and bring the book to life. Once I felt good about that, I talked to a few different creators and sourced a manufacturer out of China to do a first run of the books. Once I had version one in hand, I've just been experimenting with different marketing channels to see what will work, since I've never really sold a physical product before.

What are your hopes for Christmas? Do you have any deals or promos I can offer my readers?

5. I've had lots of people tell me they are going to buy some for Christmas gifts, client gifts etc. My hope is just that more people buy them and experience the fun that my family has experienced. We are going to do a Black Friday deal which will be 15% off and free shipping I think. 

The 15% discount code is QBBF15 and will be active from Black Friday until the end of Cyber Monday. All orders from this time period will have free shipping.

Anything else you wish to add? Social media, favourite photos?

6. We're on IG @realquotebook

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