Friday 5 November 2021

5 Telling Signs of a Troubled Marriage

Do you know that four out of 10 marriages in the US involve couples marrying for the second time? This number brings the rate of remarriages to about 40 percent. The rate of both spouses remarrying is about 20 percent, while one spouse remarrying is also at 20 percent. 

However, second marriages are more prevalent in men than women. Women find it hard to say “I do” again after their first marriage fails. Many of them prefer to stay single or raise children as single parents.

From these statistics, it’s evident that many people find themselves in a troubled marriage. But what signs signal a bad marriage? When do you know that it’s time to break the “till death do us apart” covenant?

Here are five common instances.

1. You Keep on Avoiding Conflict

Relationship problems usually manifest in conflicts. However, if you keep on avoiding these conflicts, then your marriage is in big trouble. It means that your spouse doesn’t feel free or safe talking about their insecurities.

2. Poor Communication Signals a Troubled Marriage

Communication problems in marriages can manifest in many ways. For instance, you can’t resolve a simple marital conflict simply because no one is ready to talk about it. Even worse, you can’t hold meaningful conversations as before.

This is a clear sign that your marriage experiences relationship issues. You should find a solution as soon as possible or walk away.

3. Zero Intimacy

Although sex isn’t the most critical factor for a successful relationship, it has a lot to do with a strong marriage. Zero intimacy even when out in the public are signs marriage is in trouble.

Do you remember how your partner couldn’t let go of your hands when you started dating? The same energy should prevail during the marriage.

4. No Connection

Relationship issues start to manifest when your spouse goes out of their way and starts avoiding you. This is very common among wives that cheat. In most cases, a loose connection means you find yourself happier alone than when you spend time with your spouse.

For instance, you can discover something new that gives you more joy than catching a movie together, say a hobby. Eventually, you start to draw away from your partner, fading the love connection. This is a red flag for a troubled marriage.

5. Dishonesty

Do you find yourself withholding vital information from your partner, simply because you don’t want to upset them? Well, this is very big marriage trouble. You may have good intentions but your partner won’t take it lightly once they discover you’re being dishonest.

In the long haul, dishonesty broods a feeling of betrayal. It won’t be long before you decided to call it quits and everyone walks their way. In that case, always weigh your options before withholding something back from your partner.

You Can Make Your Marriage Work

Marriages are just like any other relationship. It’s never all that rosy unless you’re faking it. Watch out for these signs of a troubled marriage and make effort to amend things before walking away.

For instance, you can go for counseling to improve your communication. Read other articles on this site for more tips on maintaining a good relationship in marriage.

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